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Insta Friday

Friday, April 24, 2015

Jovie meeting her cousin Jensen, she was busy waving and waving to him, but I had a tight grip on her wrist, just to be safe :)

Cute boys, look at that sweet baby yawn!

He could not be more thrilled about having another cousin!

looking pretty in her new dress Sunday morning after church

First monday back to school after Spring Break was kinda rough when she had to miss her nap while we picked up Gray. 


can't get in the tub fast enough, sweet girl loves her baths!

this could not have come at a more perfect time, the boys have a Wild Kratts themed birthday party coming up so we bought some tickets to take them to the LIVE show for their gift!

no shoes, no pants, no problem :)

She was in her glory playing with the big girls in Sadler's class. 

front yard soccer with my little boy

little lego lover

"Let's All Be Brave"

Oh I laughed so hard when I saw this picture and caption in Grayden's folder! Lazy mom award! 

 enjoying a nice dinner out with friends Saturday night.

This was Robb's Saturday dinner experience! Steak n Shake picnic in the van!

nature walk 

this didn't turn out like I had envisioned :)

hunting for pack's is a daily activity around here!

Father's night at 3school. 

Tell tale sign we are leaving on vacation and momma didn't get groceries!

muscle man helping mommy move a tree that had fallen over the driveway before school. 

pink sparkly hightops and monster trucks!

if you want a pedicure around her you gotta fend for yourself! :)

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Sadler turns 4!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Wow buddy! Four years old already!


What joy you are to our family, Sadler Graham! You are sweet and silly, crazy and caring, active and adventurous! We love you to pieces, and we sure are thankful (even on the hard days) that God blessed us with you!
We had such a great weekend celebrating your birthday!
On Saturday we had our special breakfast and fun morning out with just me, you and dad. We went to the Farmhouse and you enjoyed pancakes and sausage, your fave!

Then we headed to the Day of the Young Child. You loved checking out all the cool trucks, and equipment and playing some games in the gym. Then out of nowhere you decided you wanted to go to grandma's house where Grayden and Jovie were playing, so we did!

Sunday was your actual birthday, we made you a pancake with 4 candles and you had lots of special messages and phone calls, including one from your favorite pups on Paw Patrol!

We headed to church and you went to Promise Land.

For lunch we made another favorite of yours, Wildtree Mac and cheese with steak and peaches. Then we headed to VanRaalte farm for a nature walk and scavenger hunt, and played at the park for a little bit. We had donuts and took naps, and then headed to Grandpa and Grandma's house for dinner.

You had such a great day and we loved celebrating you!

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Spring Break {2015}

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Spring Break kicked off on Friday, April 3
I have to admit I wasn't totally looking forward to all that time at home, we made it a goal to do something fun everyday and try to stay busy. 


ordering their own cookie at our favorite cafe

Sadler had his first appointment at the chiro, we are hoping regular adjustments might help some behavioral issues and hyperactivity we are dealing with. 


Saturday afternoon Grandpa and Grandma L took the boys to see the movie "Home"

out for family dinner at Panera. The boys are suddenly too cool to sit by us!

the rest of us


playdate at the park with friends. 


butterfly gardens

we had a really rough morning, that included keys being locked in the van, and a bloody eyelid, but we shook it off and had a great time!

such cuties

fun at open swim Tuesday night. 

A trip to the donut shop, we always seem to go when Gray is in school so we were excited to have him join us this time! He wanted a "long jack" ;) but settled for donut holes instead!

fun at the library

We met one of Jovie's nursery buddies there. I started randomly talking to another mom and we found out our littles were born on the same day, at the same hospital!

Dinner at Chili's. Those game devices sure make for a peaceful dinner!


His favorite breakfast (in mom's bed) hard boiled egg and bacon on the one day he actually slept in!

always, always in the baby seats!

crafts with cousins

by Thursday afternoon the kids were driving me bonkers, so I dropped the big and little off at Grandma L and took the middle (way there in the back) to get another adjustment. 


baking in pjs!


Walking the trails at the Degraaf Nature Center.  They played a movie afterwards which the kids really liked. 

First bonfire of the season, with s'mores at Grandpa and Grandma R.

We ended up having a great week, but by Monday morning everyone was definitely ready to have a routine back :)

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