After my kidneys failed my doctor told me I wouldn't be able to have any more children. That was super hard to hear, it would be for anyone but especially after just losing baby Brenham 4 weeks prior and dealing with that grief, as well as coping with the reality of my illness. After further questioning, and talking to doctors at Mayo Clinic (where I had my transplant surgery done), I found out that it was because it would be risky, not because I wouldn't be able to physically get pregnant. But they (the doctor's at Mayo) believed, and had hope that if things were going well with my new kidney, if there were no signs of rejection, if my kidney disease didn't come back in the new kidney and if we waited 3-5 years post transplant it could be done.  
That seemed like a long time...and a lot of 'if's' in uncharted territory...and without both my doctors on board...and considering everything we'd already been through, it just wasn't something we were comfortable with. 
 To our surprise, about 4 years ago, shortly before starting the adoption process with Sadler, my doctor, completely out of the blue, told me he was so pleased with how my kidney was doing, and how well I was taking care of it, and that he was wrong. If we still wanted to become pregnant he would be completely comfortable with it. 
That news took us by major shock, we thought and prayed about that possibility for awhile but ultimately decided to adopt again.
The thought of being pregnant again never left our minds or prayers. When we decided we'd like to have a third child join our family, we had a big decision to make.
After years of praying, numerous meetings with various specialists, blood tests and check ups, we decided to give pregnancy a chance. God blessed us once again, beyond our wildest dreams, in December of 2013 when we welcomed our baby girl, Jovie Breann, into the world after a high-risk and sometimes scary, but always wonderful 37 weeks of pregnancy!

Glory to God, great things he hath done!

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