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Soccer Studs!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Last Saturday wrapped up a 7 week soccer season for the boys! It was so fun watching them play! I loved being a soccer mom more than I thought :)

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Friday Photo Dump

Friday, October 7, 2016

Pool party with the Mieste's the weekend before school started, such a fun farewell to summer play dates.

Grayden singing up on stage at church, he was a little nervous, but did great!

Fun at the cottage over Labor Day weekend. I ended up with strep throat Saturday morning but thankfully was feeling better by Sunday. 

Sadler got to sleep over by the Roelof's the night before Labor Day! He had so much fun!

Twas the night before Kindergarten!

Any guesses on whether or not I could get through "The Kissing Hand" without crying? That would be a no!

Farmers market shopping with my girl!

My fave smoothie to date, Tropical Green Smoothie:
-Frozen banana
-1/2 cup frozen mango
-1/2 cup frozen pineapple 
-handful of spinach
-2 cups of coconut water 
blend and enjoy with a friend, it makes a lot!

new bar stools for my birthday!

Matching your sister at the first soccer game is a definite kodak moment :)

Sadler the soccer stud! It's been so fun to watch him! He LOVES it!

Grayden the great! It's his first year playing, and we weren't sure if he'd be really behind on his skills since some on his teammates have been playing for 3-4 years, but he proved us wrong! He's doing really well and having so much fun!

That ginormous bump on my arm is from a mosquito bite! The swelling went down a day later, but it itched for days!

Sweet muffin wanted to know if everyone liked her outfit, so we texted a picture over to grandma and her aunties ;)

We had a super BUSY day running tons of errands, so she totally deserved a donut!

first day of Mlife!

Jovie learned about the story of Noah's Ark, here she is in the boat, looking for the dove! Presh!

Looking forward to another great year at Mlife with these ladies!

 Pedicures by Jovie, I could get used to this :)

Someone wasn't too happy that our CSA points at the Farmer's market are all used up! ;)

Pre-game fuel at Big Apple Bagel for these handsome men!

When we came home from soccer we discovered our mailbox had been traumatically destroyed! Bummer!

beautiful date night on the greens!

This was my second, and likely last, time golfing :) I only played like 3 holes, and then drove the cart around and cleaned the balls off for the other 6 ;)

My job was to stand behind Robb and help keep an eye on where his ball landed!

Birthday lunch, and ice cream cake with the Lubbers fam!
(we also celebrated with dinner at Fire Rock Grill with my parents, but didn't get a pic)

First time making roasted jicama fries, they were all chopped up already at Trader Joes so I thought that would be a perfect time to try them! We weren't huge fans, but liked them better than raw jicama. 

He asks me everyday to meet him at the bus stop with his transformer toy, Blades. So big, yet still so little.

 When your friends have baby girls all within 4 months of each other it's only natural that you have a ladies tea party while the big sibs are in school! 
What a fun morning we had!

Lyndsey and Molly

Jessica and Elissa

Me and Jovie

beautiful sunrise!

Tigers game!

Apple picking on the most beautiful day!

career day at school; they both went as police officers!

Fun with the little lady at Catch Air

Crock pot enchilada quinoa was on the menu for dinner last week, so quick and easy!

Playing soccer with Gray in his dress clothes during Sadler's practice, what a good daddy!

Mindy and I went to a soap making class at the library. 

Lovey wasn't quite ready to wake up from her nap, she fell back asleep after I set her down on my bed for a minute while I went to the bathroom!

We loved watching Sadler and Grayden at their Hawk Walk fundraiser at school!

Wacky Day at school!

Jovie and I braved the drizzle and had a fun time at Post Farms with Mlife friends. 

I got to help in Sadler's class last week, so fun seeing him in his element! He is totally loving Kindergarten. 

The kids found a new sister while we were shopping last weekend, they named her Jovie, how original :)

When you're so tired, but claim you are not, you fall asleep eating an apple in momma's bed!

He told me "Mom I have 2 goals and you have zero, should we just not keep score?" lol thanks for looking out for me buddy!

Danny Gokey concert with my sisters! Such an incredible night!

Jovie is officially paci-free so my mom took her out for a magic milk treat to celebrate!

breakfast out on the 2 hour delay day!

thrift shop goodies to add to our book collection!

front porch sittin' ~ where memories are made and worries are few!

My new key fob courtesy Mlife craft day!

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