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{Friday Photo Dump}

Friday, July 21, 2017

We are having such a fun-filled Summer Break! 

Oh summer, I love you!

Sleeping kiddos after a pontoon ride!

The boys took us for a ride on the paddle boat, it didn't last long so we had to swap spots with them in the middle of the lake! 

I watched him as his eyes grew wide when he heard the beep signaling my coffee was ready, and he was headed for the mug cupboard lickety-split! Some one's been watching, and following in the footsteps of his daddy's servant heart! Thank you Sadler, this makes up for the fact that you didn't sleep in, again!

Proving to them that sometimes I do say "yes!" :)

The kids were not impressed with the aroma from my Trader Joe's Kale and Cauliflower salad I ate on the way home! My mom and I could not stop laughing!

These new muffins were worth the wait!

Summer isn't just about having fun, gotta put them to work too!

Signing up for the Summer reading program at the library

Oh the memories we'll have after struggling to get those boats blown up!

Fun with the Roelof's water slide!

Scored some new workout capris for $5 at Walmart! Can't beat that!

Movie night! It was a super cute movie!

Timber Town with friends!

Tennis camp with a view of the storm rolling in!

Watching "Sing" at the library!

We had so much fun watching Sadler play his first season of T-ball! He's entertaining for sure! 

Turns out having the school playground all to themselves is only fun for about 10 minutes, then it's "totally boring." Good thing the school was open and the could play computer games and check out some books from the library!

This is so creamy and delicious (and loaded with tons of healthy nutrients), it totally curbed my craving for a Rolo McFlurry, and I like those an awful lot! 

A ride on grandpa's golf cart to get ice-cream after Sadler's last T-ball game!

Returning one stack of books and movies for another!

Smoothie bowls taste even better with a Strawberry Shortcake spoon! :)

Grayden can't get enough of fishing!

cuties in their black and white suits!

Sadler has a sore thumb from pushing the throttle so hard on the sea-doo ride he took us on!

And I have a few more grey hairs now! He has a need, a need for speed!

Patriotic cuties before church over the 4th of July weekend

picking blueberries!

Blueberry french toast gets a thumbs up from Gray!

picnic style lunch after church 

Another day at the pool in which Sadler spends 90% of the time underwater!

My little mini-me mimics my every move!

Watermelon slices at the Farmer's Market!

Swimming with cousins!

Safety first on the mower with dad!

JoJo and I had a girls day with Aunt Lisa to get this little lady's ears pierced!


She seriously never flinched! I was amazed!
She looks so grown up!

Lunch at Core Eatery ( I snuck in a lunchable for Jovie!)

These 3 would be here everyday if we could!

When we get hungry we get a snack by picking fresh raspberries from the plethora of bushes by the pool, it's no wonder we're there so much! How great is that!?

Fun in the sand during an evening trip to the beach

Croquet at the cottage

First night of VBS for the boys 

I went to my first ever "Holy Yoga" class, it was amazing! The lights were dimmed, there were essential oils diffusing, praise and worship music playing, prayers being said, and Scriptures being read over us. I loved it!

Donuts after well-child visits for the boys!

Date night with my handsome hubby!

Love these people so much!

These 3 had 3 days of swimming lessons with the incredible Miss Julie, they did so awesome!

I sent these 2 out on a frog hunting expedition so momma could get some work done ordering new Fall line Noonday samples, it's a tough job, but some body's gotta do it!

Pool date with friends!

Saturday climb up Mt. Pisgah, Jovie wasn't feeling very photogenic :)

lunch on the beach 

Fun in Lake Michigan 

My parents invited Robb's parents out to the cottage, so we took them on a kayak tour of "turtle cove" 
What lucky kids to have BOTH sets of grandparents at the cottage!

My favorite kayaking buddy 

So peaceful 

The boys just wrapped up Nature Camp at the ODC, they had a fun 4 days!

K&R Customer Appreciation Day 

The kiddos and I had to rehydrate after swimming so we stopped in at my friend Shelby's house to get some lemonade from the stand her crew of kids had; coincidentally we were wearing matching necklaces and earrings! She's rocking that #noondaystyle

1 mile of gas left; living on the edge!

I'm obsessed with all things coconut lately! These coconut chips are incredible, sprinkle a few on top of pina colada chia pudding or eat them by the handful, it's like a party in your mouth!

Who needs a whole splash pad when you have a bucket!?

 Fro-yo after the splash pad!

Well, we'll just classify this day's outing under the "big fat flop" category! 
We went to the free summer matinee, which was Nine Lives, and it was AWFUL, who rates movies these days?
At least it was free and we had good popcorn!

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