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Hungry Horse Camping Trip (June 23-28)

Sunday, June 30, 2019

We had a great week camping with friends once again! 
We had a little rain and a lot of heat! We spent lots of time at the pool, the kids loved the hammocks, hanging out around the camp fire, and going on scavenger hunts!

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{Friday Photo Dump}

Friday, June 28, 2019

thi is not a great sight to see out the window :)

Fun Sunday hike at the Saugatuck Dunes

5 year old check up!

pedi time with my mini!

a quick lunch date!

'kite' making at the library 

a clean fridge can only mean one thing- VACATION is coming!

road trip snack prep- these were a hit!

Jovie and her friend Molly doing some yoga, so adorable!

the first thing she did when we got home from Florida was run to her room to play with her beloved toys!

ODC field trip!

little slugger all ready for his first baseball practice!

her dream come true- "BAKING"

Jensen's birthday party!

Kindergarten orientation!

Easter Egg Drop!

picking out his birthday meal!

she loves to give foot rubs!

genius mom hack- hide the candy in the veggie drawer!

April date- dinner and a movie!

my favorite workout buddy!

Non scale victory- buying heavier weights!

trying out the new Crepe place in town with a friend!

Manicures for these girls!

attempting to make a REAL cake!

our new chicks!

field trip day!

these days of preschool morning routines have come to a close!

they LOVE banking!

50 cent bags of blow pops, yes please!

some spring cleaning!

poor bud sick with a nasty fever bug

counting marathon laps at recess

tulip time!

we bundled up big time to brave the cold!

coffee date with my girl!

trying to keep up with six 10-year olds!

VIP day at school!

track and field day!

their class got 1st!

He had so much fun!

Mother's Day with Grandma!

CF walk 

I'm a lucky lady!

donuts at dawn!

My adventurous eater- he wanted to try an egg roll

helping with 4th grade math homework requires youtube! 

sometimes I say YES!

a love a good color coordination!

breaking into our own van bc the oil change tech locked the keys inside! 

school music Program

sleeping beauty 

S'mores on the back patio!

I adore these things!

she wants "adventure in the great wide somewhere"

Jovie is on 2 wheels!

Market Day!

hard at work!

He was so disciplined and worked so hard!

playing at the park!

enjoying my new patio furniture!

picnic time!

I was unsure about this jumpsuit until I saw her face, aw!

LOVE eating dinner outside!

Mother's Day pedicures!

Our May date got pushed to the back burner due to a hectic month, but we squeezed in a walk around the "lane"...

and a weight lifting workout together to make the most out of some time alone

a new do!

Grayden did so great at the Hope tennis clinic 

down with a nasty tummy bug the last week of school 

watching one of my childhood favorites, "Heidi" with my little lady!

4th Graders vs Teachers Kickball game 

Sadler had a blast during baseball this season!

My farmer's market buddy!

She comes up with some interesting moves!

they like to make up rules as they go along, but I'm in it to win it! ;)

4th Grade awards! Way to go Gray!

enjoying one last morning alone!

Last day of school lunch at CFA

a windy kayak ride!

watching Peyton's t-ball game

Father's Day with Grandpa L.

cottage with friends!

Nerf War!

skate park!

fro-yo date!

Sadler folded his hands, bowed his head, and said prayer to win the guessing game at the library! ha!

we've enforced a chore chart this summer :)

Gifting our Elementary Graduate with a special notebook that all his past teachers wrote a note to him in! 
His reaction was priceless!

enjoying some art time with Grandma (and Grandpa) in Saugatuck!

doesn't get much better than this!

a week at soccer camp!

a week at overnight camp!

mommy and me yoga on the front lawn!

doing what we do best!

craft time at the library!

I copied her this time ;)

Hooray for a pool day!

June date! We had a great time eating dinner on the patio at Stella's Lounge, and "Crazy Dash-ing" around GR

nothing like starting the day with a good dose of veggies!
Zucchini Egg Scramble

it was a long week with Gray gone! So happy to be reunited!

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