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Grayden and Sadler's John Deere Birthday Party!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Since the boys' birthdays are only 3 weeks apart, we decided to do combined parties for them from now on. 
I'm glad Sadler had his 1st birthday party separate, but the shared party worked out great! It was a bit chaotic at times, but well worth not having to go through the 'trouble' of throwing another party 3 weeks later! 

Both boys are really into tractors (what boy isn't?!) and since the John Deere dealership is right down the road from us, and we pass by it everyday, they have developed a deep love for John Deere. 

Their party was Saturday, the day my Aunt passed away, so definitely a bittersweet day for us. The party was a nice distraction from our sadness, at least for a little while.

the invite:

the decor:

the food
I wanted 'farmer food' so we did KFC, cole slaw, baked beans, potato chips, and pickles and olives (which my boys love!)

the kid's table

the gifts

 The boys were gifted many wonderful new things! They are lucky, spoiled boys.
We got them a new quad, the one Gray got for his 2nd Christmas was definitely small for him, so he's excited to ride this 'new to them' quad, and Sadler is excited to have Gray's old one all to himself, at least for awhile ;)  I'm going to do my best to keep him away from it for as long as I can!
 The cupcakes:
so cute (from walmart), not as tasty as the ones my friend Angie makes, but I couldn't pass up the cute 'John Deere' kit they had in their bakery. 

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In loving memory....

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My aunt Laurie passed away earlier this morning. I'm still in a state of shock, and trying to wrap my mind around this terrible loss. My aunt was a wonderful woman and will be greatly missed.

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Sadler Graham, you are 2 years old!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I can't believe you turned two last week! You keep us on our toes everyday. You have a 2 year old attitude, already, but you have so many more sweet moments. You bring so much joy and laughter to our family and we couldn't love you more!!

Here's what you're up to lately:
Your vocabulary has suddenly taken off. 
Some of the phrases we hear most are;
'my turn'
'i try'
' i brush this side'  *he loves to brush his teeth and likes to choose which sink he uses, either Robb's or my side :)
' up high'
'where'd daddy go?'
'go home'
'i walk' (when he doesn't want to be carried)
'truck fast' 
'no mom' 
Ever since we were in Indianapolis a couple months ago you call every button, on the remote, the garage door opener, etc a 'nine' because when we were at the hotel our room was on the 9th floor and we always told Gray to press '9' too cute!

You weigh 25 lbs and are 33" long, still my little boy!
You started to sit with us during church services since the beginning of the year! I've been so impressed at how well you've done. We've had to walk out with you on occasion lately, but you've made it through several complete services and we are so proud of you! 

You do everything Gray does, you like what he likes, you just can't get enough of your big brother!
We moved your car seat forward facing right before our trip to Indy. 

You are a great eater! You love chicken, all fruit, cottage cheese, raisins, oatmeal, hot dogs, tomatoes, pickles, olives and much more. Not a big fan of grains, bread, rice, etc. 
You're favorite shows to watch are "Wild Wild" (Wild Kratts) and "Go Go" (Cat in the Hat)

You love babies

Love to be in water

We finally got your sleeping conditions figured out (for now! I'm sure you'll come up with new escape plans after I post this!) You nap about 2 hours in the afternoon sleeping in the pack n play in the laundry room, with a child lock on the door. Its quieter in there for you while Gray plays and even if you do climb out you head right to the washer and dryer and start pushing buttons, letting me know you're out! I put you right back in 'bed', that game got old for you really quickly, so you barely even try to get out anymore!
 At night you sleep about 10 hours in your big boy bed with a child lock on the door knob and your dresser blocking the archway (the double hung gates were getting busted through!) Usually at night you're tired enough to go right to sleep! Yah! 

You can recognize anyone in our family's vehicles. 

Love you bunches, boo!

*photo credit Kim Egedus

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Insta Catch Up

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

making brownies with daddy

Robb and I had a date night a couple weekends ago, we ate at Olive Garden and went to see the movie "42" It was really good! It had been a LONG time since we'd seen in a movie in the theater. We had a great night!

Grayden was so excited to have a visit with his birth dad a couple Saturdays ago. 

We all had a great time at Chuck E. Cheese
 Sadler loved the ticket muncher!

 Gray loves to play tennis, before I threw him a ball he would say "hit me baby!" too funny!

There were lots of our friends at our monthly playgroup last week! so fun!
 snuggle bugs

 Sadler spent a couple days paci free (other than sleeping time) so proud of him. Then he developed a serious diaper rash that left him super cranky, so he's had a little more again lately, but we've been trying to limit it to car rides, church and sleeping. 
I know everyone has their opinions on pacifiers and what age they should be done with them, and that's great, to each their own. I'm fine that he has it during certain times, it's been a lifesaver for him to have something he's comforted by. He'll be done with it by Kindergarten for sure ;)
 Santa Fe Chicken Casserole about to hit the oven! Yum! 
You can find the recipe on our freezer meal blog link on the sidebar.

We took a ride to get ice cream and look at the big tractors last week!

Kale saute, we all loved it and Gray even asked for 'more green stuff'

Last week Thursday we met my friend Jayme and her kids at playworld, such a blast. 
perfect outing on that rainy day. 

Sadler on his BIRTH day, feeling nostalgic 

I shared most of the pictures form his special day on Friday, but here are the ones from that night: 
He chose to eat at Steak and Shake, that boy loves him some fries!

 While we were eating Gray asked me how to spell 'mom' and he wrote it on the back of our bill. how is he old enough for that already?!
After dinner we went to the farm supply store to get see the baby chicks, I totally want some now!

he was wiped out from his fun day!

I spent Saturday shopping with some girl friends, I really liked the white jean jackets I was seeing all over, but I needed a little convincing from my IG friends, really wish I hadn't gotten rid of the one I had in 8th grade!
 Successful trip! 
 On Sunday the boys had a little photo shoot for their 4/2 year pictures. 
Gray was so photogenic

And I wondered if maybe this selfie shot Sadler took of himself would be the best photo taken of him all day, but I saw a little sneak peak and I was wrong, the photographer got some super cute ones of him too!

We had beautiful weather here yesterday, we played outside and soaked it all in!

 First family bike ride of the year!
 Grayden was the special helper in his class today, Robb took the day off so he could go along as the parent helper! Gray was so excited!
I've worn the white jean jacket twice this week already, it was definitely a good purchase!

I took Sadler to his 2 year check up this morning while Gray was in school, he is a healthy boy! So thankful!

phew, sorry for the picture overload, I hate to get so far behind on theses, but love to have our everyday adventures journaled here.
best moments of the week:
~being able to visit with my aunt a couple times last week
~ Gray leaned over to me at dinner time one day last week and said "thank you for the food mommy, I really appreciate it" :)
~ Sadler going paci free a few days
~Celebrating Sadler's 2nd birthday
~ Spending time with friends 

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