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Friday Photo Dump

Friday, November 23, 2018

Proof that the kids had just as much fun as we did while we were away on vacation:

Jovie on her preschool float! So glad grandma and grandpa could take her while we were on the cruise!

Grayden ran his 1st 5k while we were away. We were so excited to hear he finished in 35mins and then went back to find his cousins! 

Jovie and her friend Molly had a fun time at Grandma's house making crafts!

Field trip to Post Family Farms! 

Designing Barbie clothes with Grandma L. 

this little cutie pulled his tooth out on the ride home from the airport!

Sadler's last soccer game this season! He had so much fun and we loved watching him in his element!

family grocery outing can only mean one thing....

Annual "Lubbers Hungry Games"!

The challenge was to use a recipe from the Whole30 cookbook

Robb took the trophy with his amazing salmon and sweet potato fries!

We found out Grayden has a little side gig going on at school when we had parent/teacher conferences! Little budding entrepreneur!

Annual Right to Life Banquet!

Jovie's style when we run errands...

and mine! ;)

The only ice-cream I don't have to share!

I was the Mystery Reader for Sadler's class. This book has been a long time fave!

Get this and thank me later!

Halloween gatheting with Robb's Aunt and Uncle from AZ means lots of fun treasures and treats for the kids!

Grayden next to his artwork displayed for the art show!

A little ride on the neighbors pony!

this is why we heard so much commotion when they were supposed to be asleep!

Trader Joe's is always more fun with a friend!

a favorite breakfast; filling and delicious!

Our Disney World trip is just around the corner!!

little birdies at the ODC

warming up with some hot chocolate and donut holes!

those little stickers just beg for a selfie!

Apparently the "thing" to do is make Barbie clothes out of socks, too bad she didn't warn me about this idea and ruin 2 perfectly good socks!

practice 5k in the most miserable cold windy rain! The Let Me Run boys were troopers!

Not a big fan of snow, but I do admit it is pretty! 

Making applesauce in preschool, just like her brothers did!

Making our Disney countdown chain!

So proud of the finished look!

Celebrating World Adoption Day with family movie and game night!

The new game was a hit! $2 score at a thrift shop!

The were very engaged!

time to replenish the laundry soap, I've been making it for years and love it! 

More Disney prep; she's her mother's daughter and couldn't wait to start planning and packing her outfits. 

It looks like Disney characters threw up in her suitcase!

Feel the burn baby!

helping themselves to some coffee at the bank while they wait to deposit some money. 
Where does the time go?! :)

family lunch date!

So proud of another "craft" we did! 

Sadler did a wonderful job on his thankful turkey, it was brought to my attention that they were only supposed to do 8 feathers, but he was on a roll! :)

Thanksgiving festivites! 

Sadler is Bennett's biggest fan!

Sadler's new smile!

He's got some mad kitchen skills!

Thanksgiving Brunch with the Rietman Crew!

And round #2 with the Lubbers!

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