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Anonymous said...

maybe 2 summers ago you posting a 100 things to do over summer list / chart ... do you still have that?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

I think this is what you mean Summer List, it's not quite 100 things but hope it helps! I'd love to do that again this year!

*pick berries
*feed ducks
*Fillmore park
*outdoor discovery center
*kollen’s park
*timber town
*Lawrence st. park
*farmer’s market/ market kid’s activities
*whitecaps game
*downtown fountain
*coast guard festival (July 27-August 5)
*hot air balloon show (June 30, July 1)
*truck parade (labor day)
*memorial day parade
*have picnic
*water bed (Pinterest)
*run through sprinklers
*fly kite
*sidewalk chalk
*go garage sale-ing
*Meijer gardens
*library programs
*lemonade stand
*downtown street performers (thursday nights)
*play tennis
*go to cottage
*swimming lessons
*pool time
*bike ride
*mini golf
*water table
*little pool
*sand box/swing set
*hike trails

Allison said...

Thinking of you and Robb this day ❤️ And thinking of Brenham. said...

Hi Katie I have been following your blog for years and I have noticed you do not blog a lot anymore. I miss seeing your posts and pics of your beautiful family. I hope everything is OK.

Victoria said...

Hi Katie,

I've followed your blog for years and noticed you haven't posted in months. I check your blog daily because I love seeing all of the fun things you do with your family and kids. I hope all is ok with you especially with your kidney issue and COVID :(. Praying all is well.


Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Hi Victoria! So sorry to worry you, we are all doing well. Thanks for checking in!

the sayers said...

IDK if the 1st comment took. I'll try again. I see I'm not the only one that has been looking for your updated blog. I am thrilled to read above that all are well. Hope to "see" you again soon. God Bless

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

So sweet of you to check in! said...

Hi Katie....just hoping all is well with you and have not posted since Feb.........miss seeing your post about your adorable family and the fun things y'all do!