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{Friday Photo Dump}

Friday, July 20, 2018

Summer break is half over already! 
We've been having so much fun despite the busyness and chaos!

 celebrating the last day of school with lunch!

 rowdy game of kickball!

catching up on sleep after our Mississippi trip!

my favorite view!

taking the new Jeep out for our first spin! Jovie was less than impressed :)

Father's Day pool party!

Robb with his dad and brothers on Father's Day!

Monday morning moment of quiet playtime together (insert praise hands emoji!) 
Also: swimsuits and pjs are one in the same over here in the summer! #lesslaundry #noshame

I promised them $1 of they thanked some military servicemen we saw while we were out for lunch; so naturally it was burning a hole in their pockets!

so grateful for Walmart grocery pick-up, especially when its a HUGE pre-camping haul!

Unpacking the camper can wait! Procrastinating with a swim in grandma and grandpa's pool!

This was not part of the post-camping diet, was worth it! :)

Sadler perfecting his pool stunts

bombs away!

triple threat 

captive audience for the girls' tricks!

91* makes for a pretty perfect pool day!

Hope College play with Grandma and Grandpa

getting autographs 

This is exactly one of the scenes that played through my head when I first heard "it's a girl!"

Then there's the boys and the legos! Love!

baking their favorite treats at grandma's house since they don't get much baking experience at home!

Incredibles 2!

Baseball at the cottage!

It was so good to have Anne back in town from Alabama and catch up over dinner!

working with daddy!

pizza picnic with pals at the park!

dinner on the patio (we missed Sadler but he was too busy snoozing!)

First day of gymnastics!

sneaking veggies in the lasagna! ;)

First night of VBS for this crew!

Robb and I had a week of nights to ourselves! What a treat! We took walks together and went mattress shopping. 

this was a little too "hospital bed" for me, but I didn't hate it :)

in an effort to force sibling bonding, I had each kid choose an activity that they all had to play together for 10 minutes. It was pretty much torture ;)

special lunch event at work!

My Aunt Donna had us over for breakfast in her new condo, what a treat!

Swimming with friends!

beach day with the Haights!

beach boy!

cool dude!

building castles!

when breakfast tastes like dessert! YUM!

Saturday morning porch reading, aww

meeting Rapunzel 


Zeelmania car show 

so many cool cars!

bike ride to school!

their old stomping grounds!

I really struggled with whether or not I should share this ;)

Root Root Root for the Whitecaps!


Sandbar fun with cousins!

winner winner shrimp boil dinner!

you know sadler, he takes safety very seriously! (not)

The boys are ready for an awesome week at day camp!

lunch with grandma!

this took smoothies to a whole new level of YUM!

picnic lunch!

Ready to tackle the baseboards with our favorite songs on repeat; "God's Not Dead" and "Do it Again"

Grandma's painting crew!

impromptu date night to the hiking trails.

Waiting to see everything Jovie learned during her 2 weeks of gymnastics!

She did great!

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