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Camping {Hungry Horse} June 21-28

Saturday, June 29, 2013

We just got back yesterday from our second camping trip, this time at Hungry Horse in Dorr for a full week with great friends.

multi-tasking, always ;)

Saturday afternoon we headed to our community picnic for some food and fun activities for the kids. 

i was slightly terrified, but wanted to put on a brave face for the kids!

When we got back to the campground we took a hay ride to feed the horses.

a friendly(ish) game of PIG

ice cream face

loved that kiddie pool while Robb was gone to work, we saved the big pool for night time, when daddy was around :)

We had a little rain Tuesday morning, but it cleared up by late morning!

Going to sleep at night was always a little struggle with these stinkers!

The whole gang of kids!
Sadler was really not wanting to leave, poor boy had big tears. 
*(Turns out our poor boy was not feeling well, more on that later)*

We had such a great time, can't wait for our third (and final) camping trip coming up in August.
We are loving these camping days and making such great memories with our kids and friends. 

Just a reminder for those of you who use Google.Reader that they will be shutting done July 1st. So, if you use that service to manage the blogs you read, I recommend switching to Bloglovin. It was so simple to set up and transferred everything right from Google.Reader. 
You won't want to miss my next, very special post!

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Camping {Dutch Treat} June 13-16

Thursday, June 20, 2013

We had a great time on our first camping trip in our {new to us} camper at Dutch Treat, in the big town of Zeeland ;) .
We went with a group of our friends from church and made lots of memories. 

our home for the weekend

Friday morning breakfast, cinnamon rolls baked in orange peel halves on the grill...sinfully good!

The pool was a HUGE it with both the boys, despite the chilly water. 

Grayden put his swimming lessons to great use!

More yummy food!

We took a bike ride to feed the ducks at Timber Town, Gray rode his bike the whole way there and back! I don't think he's ridden his bike that much in the total time he's owned it!

Hill-billy golfing with the guys

wouldn't be camping without nightly bonfires!
All the guys made us a delicious breakfast Saturday morning. 

watching a movie while the light rain passed. 

Happy Father's day!

Soccer with Uncle Kyle, the kids had fun playing keep-away!


The whole gang of kids! 12 kids ranging in age from 4-10 months

The boys slept in the same bunk, for whatever reason it just worked best that way!

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{Grayden's last day of swimming lessons}

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gray finished up his week of swimming lessons on Friday (while we were camping, good thing we camped so close to home so he could go)! I am so impressed at how much more comfortable he has gotten. He needs a little boost of confidence at times, but did a GREAT job!
( Gray with Sadler before the first day of swimming lessons, he kept telling me he was gonna sink!)

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