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{Disney Dream} Cruise ::Day 3::

Monday, March 31, 2014

We woke up Friday morning in Nassau, Bahamas. We've been there several times before, and in our opinion, unless you go on an excursion, which we weren't going to do, there's not much to do there. So we stayed on the ship that day. 

This way to the pool....

Grayden loved this slide! He went down over and over again for over an hour!

 We stayed by the pools for the afternoon , the boys loved watching the Disney movies on the big screen by the pool!

Friday night was "Pirate Night" so we dressed up our two pirates and our princess for the occasion!

 We met Pirate Minnie before dinner. She just loved Jovie's outfit! Her shirt had a little Minnie head and bow on it, thanks to Grandma!

 We ate at "The Royal Palace" that night! Everything was so fancy, inspired by Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. 
Our server always made a Mickey head and ears out of ketchup for the boys!

All the Disney ships have a kids program that is very popular, we didn't plan on using it, after all we were taking this trip for the kids and weren't expecting a romantic getaway for the two of us to have alone time.  However, we heard such great things about it, so we let Grayden go for about 15 minutes before our show started. Sadler wanted to go too, but he would have needed to go to a separate program for 3 and under and we didn't think he would have liked that. 
Gray had a blast and I was super impressed how organized and clean (the whole cruise was, actually) it was. When we picked him up they could tell us right where he was by a tracker bracelet he had on. So cool!

 Then we headed to the show, it was all about the Disney villains and Grayden was on the edge of his seat the whole time! Loved it! And Sadler fell asleep! 
After the show we headed back to our rooms so Sadler could snooze for a little longer, but we had planned to wake him up so we could all watch the fireworks at sea on the top deck. In the meantime, Grayden fell asleep too, so we decided to call it a night. 

**there have been a few questions left in the comments about our trip, and I'll be happy to answer them after I've blogged about the entire trip, so if you have any feel free to ask!**

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{Disney Dream} Cruise ::Days 1 and 2::

Friday, March 28, 2014

We got back Monday afternoon from an amazing trip cruising the Bahamas, Disney style! We made so many memories and I'm so excited to share them with you. 
Our trip started Wednesday afternoon when the boys got a phone call from Mickey Mouse inviting them to sail with him to the Bahamas the next day! It was so adorable and they had the biggest smiles!
 We flew out of Grand Rapids at 5pm Wednesday evening. We had a layover in Ohio, and grabbed dinner there. We arrived in Orlando at 10:30pm. 

 The kids did awesome! Sadler fell asleep just as we were descending into Orlando and stayed asleep while we got off the plane, got our luggage, took the shuttle to the hotel and got to our room!
We had breakfast at the hotel Thursday morning and Robb walked to a nearby drugstore to grab a few things we forgot, like eyeliner ;) and our toothpaste was all dried out, while I got the kids ready. We all wore anchors because I'm dorky like that! :)

The hotel shuttle took us back to the airport where we got on the Disney Cruise Line bus that brought us to port. It was about a 45 minute ride. They had movies playing so that kept the boys entertained so we could relax and pretend we were alone on our honeymoon in Mexico again, just for a second!
We got on the ship around 12:00 and grabbed some lunch.

We found a few chairs in the shade by the pool and changed into our suits

The boys LOVED Nemo's Reef splash pad

Mickey's Pool was also big hit!

I took Grayden down the Aqua Duck slide, clear tube around the pool deck (great view!), and promised him some ice cream for being brave! Sadler was too short to ride :(

We had the safety drill around 4:00, where both boys fell asleep! And then we set sail at 5:00

Dancing at the Sail Away deck party!

We had first seating dinner at 5:45, so we headed to our rooms to get ready shortly after the party started. 

Disney does a rotational dining schedule so we were in a different restaurant each night. The first night was at the Enchanted Garden where we dined on ahi tuna towers, duck, and prime rib. They had a variety of choices from the kids menu as well, including the ever popular Mickey bar for dessert!

After dinner we had a few character meet and greets. 




And then headed to the show at 8:30. It was so fun, Robb and I were even entertained!

After the show we headed back to our rooms that had been turned down and all set up for bed time!

The cabin rooms were all set up with OnDemand Disney videos that the boys just loved! And we did too ('Cool Runnings' or 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids', anyone!?) 

The ship rocked us to sleep, and boy, did we sleep good! It was a busy day!

Stay tuned for details on the rest of our trip!

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