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Insta Friday

Friday, May 30, 2014

The boys found some of Jovie's ultrasound pictures, they showed her, "Look, Jovie! It's YOU!" pretty precious! 

Date night with my love. we saw "Heaven is For Real" loved it!

putting Jovie to work in her owl sweatsuit on a cozy Saturday morning! She's getting better at sitting up! 

"Mom's Night Out" (a MUST see!) with my friend Anne. 

We just sat down at B&N with out chai teas when Anne told me she had never been to Peachwave for fro-yo, that was unacceptable so I drug her outta there, and we immediately went to get some! 

Handsome boys in their new $4.50 pants before church on Sunday. 

Great Strides walk

mommas and the babes

Jovie was a rockstar on the walk! Slept the whole time!

sweet dreams beauty girl. 

"welcome to earth" he said in his best robot voice! love his imagination!


anyone have a 'misto'? love mine!

First s'mores of the season!

total love for each other. melt my heart. 

on the way to my baby's preschool graduation. where does the time go?

heading to the farmer's market for the first time with the littles. 

super fun day at school for this boy, walked to the ice cream shop for cones and play time outside last week!

Sadler is so proud of JoJo's new skills! (he also laughs when she tips over)

loving this outfit she got as a baby gift from the Roelofs, so excited it finally fits her!

'pity party for one' at Brann's last Friday night.

edy's butterfinger ice cream. best ever. get some. 

Strawberry Rhubarb pie fresh outta the oven Saturday morning!

morning walk with the babe

this saved us a lot of stress sunday morning before leaving for church. finding shoes is always the last and hardest task on sunday mornings. 

Poor Jovie wasn't quite herself over the weekend. 

at the dr getting her ears checked. right ear infection :( poor sweets. 

loving my new tank from they are such a cool ministry who supported the showhope organization to raise funds for adoption grants a few weeks ago. I couldn't help but show my support! 

This cutie pie is addicted (and really good) to playing Temple Run on mommy's phone! He even posts his scores to mommy's facebook page! So nice of him ;)

Fun morning at the park with our neighbor Hudson!

JoJo and Grammie L at a family birthday party Wednesday night.

This outfit is gonna be a summer fave of mine!

Thursday morning cupboard cleaning. 

Afternoon at the lake with the Genzink trio yesterday. perfect day. 

her first family bike ride last night. now to find an itty bitty helmet!

admiring her shoes this morning. that's my girl!

antibiotics=outfit changes. so much poop. bouncy seat blowouts are the worst. 

i love summer! and i love these boys!

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Memorial Day Weekend

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First of all a HUGE thanks to the men and women who lost their lives fighting for our freedom, and also to the brave people currently in the armed forces. 'Thanks' just doesn't seem like enough for such a big sacrifice. 

We had an amazing weekend, kicked off Friday night with dinner out as a family at Brann's, and a trip to the greenhouse to buy flowers for our window boxes.

Saturday was a beautiful morning, I took Jovie for a walk while the boys mowed the lawn and planted the flowers. They also picked up our camper, the boys were so excited to see it, we just had to eat lunch in it :)

Later in the afternoon we headed to the cottage. It was Jovie's first time there. She cried and cried when we got there, so scared of new surroundings, but I think she'll learn to love it there like the rest of us!

The boys (especially Grayden) just loved playing on the paddle boat!

Sunday we went to church and then headed out to the cottage again. 

looking so cute in their red, white and blue

First pontoon ride of the season...

The water was a chilly but that didn't seem to stop the kids!

Taking a little break from being outside to watch some "Little Einstein's" 

Monday morning we headed to Zeeland to watch the parade at Grayden's friend Geneva's house. We all really enjoyed it!

Then it was off to the cottage again (so nice being so close and being able to go back and forth all weekend!)

Grayden went fishing right away and caught two fish, all by himself! His smile was just priceless!

Bathing Beauty! 

(Jovie just wasn't herself all weekend, I took her to the doctor on Tuesday and she has an ear infection, poor thing!)

I hope you all had a fun weekend too!

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