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Robb's 33rd Birthday!

Monday, January 30, 2017

My love turned 33 last Sunday, January 22!
And it also marked 12 years since we got engaged! Woah!

To celebrate his special day I made a roast with carrots and potatoes with the fixings (a family favorite!) to enjoy after church. And of course, cake! He requested marble cake with vanilla frosting, and I have to say it turned out pretty good, coming from the cake snob herself! ;)

We had a relaxing day at home, playing wii until way too late at night! :)
There were so many grand things we could have done to celebrate him the way he deserves, but he's such a good, down to earth guy he enjoyed just being together! Love him!

On Thursday night we went to FireRock Grille to celebrate his and Lisa's birthdays with my parents and the kiddos. 

And last night we got together with his family to celebrate. 

Happy Birthday Babe!

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Friday Photo Dump

Friday, January 27, 2017

Fun with friends at the GR Museum over Christmas break, good friends can make anything fun!

We met up with the Haight's for open gym one day during Christmas break, they all had so much fun!

Sweet boy made me tea! Love his servants heart!

Sadler went to a birthday party for a friend over Christmas break, I spotted him playing laser tag when I went to pick him up. It's so fun to watch your kids when they don't know you're watching, isn't it?!?

We saw "Moana" with cousins on New Years Day!

meal prepping for my book club girls who came over for a Christmas party/book discussion. 

 I love this pic Robb took of our noses in our books! :)

Her first ballet class!

she loved the mirror ;)

Sadler at soccer camp, he is in his glory! 

Sunday afternoon entertainment courtesy of the deer in the back yard...seeing them just never gets old!

She mimics my every move but won't take my advice on outfit choices :)

We surprised the kids with a mini snowmobile, their reaction to the helmets alone was worth it!

now we just need more snow!

doing some tricep dips, with cheetos on stand by! ha!

We spent 2.5 hours at the car dealership getting an oil change that lead into a new brake job, Jovie just made herself at home there!

bald eagle sighting!

a little spring in her step on a dreary January day!

Gray at Basketball camp!

Our friends throw a themed dress-up party every year, this year the theme was 'sports". We dressed up as a referee and basketball player, in case that wasn't obvious :) Seeing everyones outfits is one of the best parts!

Such a fun night (especially when you win the game, lol) as always!

Spinach was on sale for 69 cents, so I had to stock up and find a new way to use it up quickly! I made spinach-banana muffins, and although they may not look it, they were a yummy! Recipe here 

Jovie wanted to have a Pilates class, so we invited Grandma R over for a workout! 

Such a good momma!

sweet Sadler had "homework" for the first time in Kindergarten and did it within the first 5 minutes of being home! Bless him! 
The boys had a day off school today for "Records Day" so we all stopped in at K&R to eat lunch with Robb while I had my phone info transferred to a new one. Grayden wanted to stay behind and help Lisa with some jobs. His day was made!

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** Mourning into Dancing **

"There is something just past the heartbreak, just past the curse, just past the despair, and that thing is beautiful. You don't want it to be beautiful, at first. You want to stay in the pain and blackness because it feels familiar, and because you're not done feeling victimized, and smashed-up. But one day you'll wake up surprised and humbled, staring at something you thought for sure was a curse and has revealed itself to be a blessing-a beautiful, delicate blessing" ~Shauna Niequist

You turned my wailing into dancing;
    you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.  Lord my God, I will praise you forever.

 {Psalm 30: 11-12}

Feeling so thankful today for the beautiful way God knit together our family.

Friends, if your feeling smashed up or victimized today, feeling like you must have done something awful to deserve this pain (I've been there!) I hope this brings you HOPE. God is good and He will turn your mourning into dancing!

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Favorite Things Party {2017}

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Last night was the 6th Annual Favorite Things Party! As always, we had such a great night; awesome gifts, yummy food and great fellowship with some of my dearest friends! 

A recap on how it works:
Everyone took 3 of the same of their favorite things for $10 or less along with an optional favorite appetizer or dessert. 

When it was time for the exchange everyone took turns to show their favorite thing that they brought, and explain to everyone why they like it.
 I then drew names one at a time out of a bowl, once your name was called it was your turn to go up and choose a favorite thing from the table. We did 3 rounds of that so each girl went home with 3 new favorite things!

Here's what everyone brought:

Me: Stainless steel water bottle (from Menards) and a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar
Heidi: Healthy Foot Cream with "Valor" YL Essential Oils added in
Val: Essie gel couture nail polish and top coat
Lisa: chevron lightweight blanket
Lyndsey: C.C knit beanie hat
Emily: EOS shave cream and hand lotion
Heather: SavvyCents 24 slot card holder for gift cards, rewards card, etc with a Panera gift card inside
Jessica: leather cuff/wrap bracelets with interchangeable charms (from Michaels)
Mindy: a double layer necklace and makeup brush cleaning trey with cleanser
Rochelle: a 20 minute mask, beauty blender, Plexus drink packet

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Ft Lauderdale Girls Weekend

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I had such a wonderful girls weekend in Ft Lauderdale with my friends Stefanie, Heather and my sister Lisa, (sister Mindy couldn't join us as she was just on vacation the week before with her hubs. We missed her!)

We left bright an early Thursday morning to drive on icy roads to Detroit where our flight left at 12pm.

How many girls does it take to add windshield washer fluid? We had so many laughs over this!

I hit the jack-pot with extra leg room in an exit row!

We made it to the vacation home we rented around 4:30

First up on our agenda that night was a drive out the beach for dinner at Coconuts


Lisa and I split this appetizer, snow crab scoobies, if you like seafood and you're in the area they are a  MUST!

After dinner we headed back to the house to chill for awhile and went to bed early, it was a long day!

Enjoying a cup of coffee by the pool Friday morning! 

We spent the whole day by the pool, it was so quiet and relaxing!

For dinner we headed to Los Olas Blvd and ate at Mangos

It was another early to bed night for me, I'm so lame, but I do love to sleep!

Saturday morning we did a little shopping and headed to the beach to walk around for a little bit.

It was pretty cloudy and off and on rainy that afternoon, but we still relaxed and had a great day!

For dinner that night we went to a restaurant called Rendezvous overlooking a marina.

We had a 4:30am wake up call on Sunday morning to head back to the airport to catch our 7:50am flight back to Detroit. We made it back home around 3:30pm with lots of great memories!

So thankful for the opportunity to rest, relax and refresh!
Already looking forward to next time!

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