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A little walk down {Halloween} Lane

Friday, October 31, 2014


our little pumpkin in a pumpkin!

Grayden, the scariest dino I've seen :)

wow, do we look young!


he was a grumpy golfer this year, which was so unlike him, I think this was the only time he smiled that whole night!


another pumpkin in a pumpkin!

our farmer and his chicken

a soccer player and a golfer


a construction worker 

and a farmer!


the Kratt brothers and an owl!

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weekend wrap up

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We had a fun filled weekend! I just love Fall, especially when the weather is as nice as it has been!

Friday night we went out for a family date night to Bagger Dave's. Sadler was such a big helper feeding Jovie :)

We had a busy day planned on Saturday. Robb and I love to watch cooking competition shows and enjoy cooking together, so we thought it would be fun to do our own cooking competition Saturday night! We called it The Lubbers Hungry Games!
We got our groceries Saturday morning for our recipes. We both ended up choosing Tex-Mex recipes from the Pioneer Woman cookbook!

In the afternoon I went to my mother in laws house to have a ladies craft day! 
We all painted old windows. 
Here's my work in progress for Jovie's room. I'll share the final product when I eventually finish it!

When I got home Robb had the kitchen all prepped for our cook-off!

"May the odds be ever in your flavor"

I made a chicken tortilla soup

and Robb made the winning dish, judged by my sister and the kids, White Chicken Enchilladas! 
They were delicious!

After dinner we got the kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes to visit the Outdoor Discovery Center for their treats and trails event. 

The boys dressed up as the Kratt Brothers from the show "Wild Kratts" I made their costumes and was pretty impressed with how they turned out!
The boys were thrilled!
 The Kratt Brothers and their little creature power owl!

 It was a perfect night!  They all had so much fun!

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Fall Family Fun at the Farm

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saturday afternoon we went to Post Family Farm with my family. It was pretty chilly but we all enjoyed the hay ride, horse tire swings, barrel rides, big slides and the yummy donuts!
Such a fun Fall day!

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Jovie Breann, you are 10 months old!

Monday, October 20, 2014

How can you be only 2 months away from being ONE year old?! 

You are such a joy, Jovie! You are a little snuggle bug and always happy!

You are standing alone for several seconds and slowly walking across furniture. You will be our latest walker of your siblings, and we are more than happy with that! Take your time baby girl! Mommy is in no rush for you to grow up!

You have 2 teeth through on the bottom and two on the top, and several others working their way through. 

You LOVE to eat and like everything! You eat mostly all table food and have 4 6 oz bottles a day. 

You take about an hour morning nap and a couple hour afternoon nap. At night you sleep from about 8:30-7:30

You are full of expression and we are really starting to see your personality come through! 

We love you to pieces sweetie pie!

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{Insta Friday}

Friday, October 17, 2014

a little (or a big!) glimpse into our day to day lives via instagram pictures....

little lady helping mommy meal plan

gorgeous sunset over the lake at the end of another great summer at the cottage

watch out David Beckham!

does this boy look 'not tired' to you!?

these donuts are a little bit of heaven!

homemade tomato sauce

delicious purple smoothie

tough girl in the making! she loves it!

silly selfies with Sadler while waiting for my bloodwork 

coming to terms with the fact that I found more than a couple grey hairs!

Gray loving kale saute for dinner!

the boys kept busy one afternoon throwing their toys out the playroom window!

projects like these can be tricky for adoptees, so I love that Gray's teacher included "Gotcha Day" as an example to include on their timeline!

this girl loves the church library as much as her brothers do!

Donuts and cheerios

her favorite place to be. that girl can eat!

first field trip for our 3-schooler. They took a nature walk to the park and played. 

love our wednesday mornings running errands together while Sadler and Gray are in school. 

a little fro-yo treat for an after school snack. 

sweetie pie at her 9 month check up (17lbs 3oz)

daddy showed up for lunch in a big rig from work, the boys were in heaven

I'm not very good about letting the boys help out in the kitchen, so they loved making their own personal pizzas for dinner one Friday night. 

We let Sadler choose where to have our pizza picnic, he chose the basement!

Robb and I finally went and got a will and trust made up with an attorney one afternoon. It wasn't very pleasant to talk about death so in depth, but it reminded me to live each day to the fullest. 

Poor Gray took a trip to Urgent Care after he was wheezing and having difficulty breathing one afternoon. We started him on breathing treatments and a steroid and we was feeling back to normal in no time!

Our superhero was pretty bummed to miss out on his first Kindergarten field trip but we were so glad he was feeling better!

cutie pie Makenna during our play date

Scores from a MOM2MOM sale one Saturday morning

apple picking with my faves!

making applesauce with my mom and sisters Saturday afternoon 

cheeser with her mouth full of cheese!

pretty girl on grandpa's lap 

Sunday night church nursery duty 

sweetest little book Gray took home from school. I bought a copy on amazon I love it so much!

Class picture day!

Trifecta naps! Mom wins!

she's getting so big!

Making Pumpkin bars!

waiting at school to pick up big brother! Jovie isn't as thrilled as Sadler to have him hold her! :)

My Kindergartener looking so handsome for school pics!

so thankful to be these boys' mom, even though it isn't always easy. 

"mom, should I help you with this laundry that's been here for 3 days?"

loved spending some time chatting with my big boy one day! He's never very talkative to me about his days at school, so hearing about his best buddies, and how he is 'building stamina' at school was the best!

Veggie corn chowder in the works

what better way to kick off the first day of October than with a 99 cent biggby chider?!

Grayden was student of the week last week so we all got to visit his classroom and I read his favorite book to the class. 

Pretending to be Scout and Amber from Bears!

picking out some roadside pumpkins for the pumpkin rolling contest at pumpkin fest on a cold October Saturday

Warm breakfast!

checking out the animals at the petting zoo. 

we decided to forgo the pumpkin rolling and go bowling instead, it was SO cold out. 

cutie pie

all decked out for family pictures

fake practice smiles!

getting his pose just right! (don't mind that sign in our master bedroom, the kids can't read yet! ;)

a little light reading after church 

chili night at the campground with my Rietman family. 

"Are you sure I can eat this donut?"

Robb is pretty creative when it comes to making lunch! Needless to say, we are both pretty excited for our trip to Punta Cana that Robb won for a sales competition coming up next month!

they couldn't adore her more!

love that she will sit on my lap so content. 

big explorer

middle explorer

little explorer 

exploring the back woods Sunday afternoon. 

so proud of him for riding the pony on his field trip to a pony farm, he's a little nervous around animals. 

Jovie wasn't so sure about this new toy!

Sadler and Kinsley had a blast playing at the indoor play place. 

My chatty little coffee date!

waiting to see the dermatologist for an annoying rash I had forever, Grayden was so tired!

we had a fun lunch date together. loved spoiling him since we don't spend as much time together now that he's in school everyday. 

throwing fits in Walmart!


apple picking in Meijer!

those adorable shoes just won't stay on!

Quinoa and Sausage stuffed peppers!

loved spending an afternoon with sweet baby Adler and his awesome mom!

Snaps by Sadler while we wait to pick up Gray.

so fascinated with a bird!

they are both so big into coloring lately. Especially Grayden, he takes his markers and coloring book everywhere. 

pretty excited to be 10 months old!

her happy place

Celebrated 9 years together this week!

the dress still fits, unless I tried to sit down :)

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