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{Goodbye 3rd Grade, Goodbye 1st Grade}

Monday, June 18, 2018

The boys had their last day of school on June 8! I can't believe how fast this year went!

We are looking forward to a fun summer!

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Friday Photo Dump

Friday, June 8, 2018

our life lately in pictures, way over-due, again - you're gonna wanna grab a snack for this one! :)

Date night to see MercyMe in concert! It was an amazing show!

And a delicious meal at Brick and Porter before the concert. 

You know it's bad when you get out the dust buster for the fridge! lol

My Trader Joe's buddy!

Field trip with Sadler to the butterfly gardens!

front yard baseball with dad means...

peace and quiet while I cook dinner :)

her mermaid crunch is legit!

tried to trick the kids into thinking these were fries, didn't work! 

Rend Collective concert! I guess this is becoming "our thing"

Jovie noticed how this toilet paper roll was on "wrong", cracked me up!

making his own smoothie before school in the morning, this growing up stuff ain't so bad!

He totally deserved this after his first indoor soccer game! He plays so hard!

Love to see him be resourceful! Using a wagon to bring out the lounge chairs. 

She was such a trooper at my last kidney check-up, the doctor was soooo late and she was more patient than I was!

FINALLY home to enjoy a picnic lunch on the beautiful day! 

all her necessities for leaving the house!

she loves Kombucha! 

helping daddy and grandpa with their luggage after picking them up from their trip to Baltimore. 

I can't even handle how cute he is in his baseball uniform! 

My favorite lunch to grab after yoga class, in between preschool pickup and recess helper duty~ local friends, it's from the DRIP downtown Zeeland!

so exhausted after running laps with the elementary kids during recess! 

I needed photo evidence of the kids willingly eating veggies!

He was pretty leery, but he ASKED to try some kale!

get it girl!

Sharing our favorite salad from Chick-fil-a, she eats the lettuce and leaves me with the good stuff!

another stop for a cold treat after soccer!

Sadler was here! I love his little decorating touches!

cauliflower crust pizza, YUM!

Cinco De Mayo is the perfect excuse to bust out this fiesta dress from a costume party a few years ago! I love so much! lol 

Tulip time fun!

all about the food, of course!

I was so looking forward to taking a hot epsom salt bath after planting over 400 saplings on a warm Saturday morning! That was tough work!

enjoying lunch in Grandville after church 

her first manicure!

looking forward to many more with my favorite girl!

the boys had fun at Cabella's while we were at the nail salon.

bonding over new toys! awe!

another food picture! ha, but this is so good, I served over a bed of spinach and topped it with roasted chickpeas for a delicious lunch!

Our normal Wednesday parade day had questionable weather so we opted to go for lunch and play at a park instead. 

Thankfully the next day was nicer (although we missed the boys since they had school!) so our 9 year tradition continues!

fast things are his love language! 

Time to say goodbye to the chickens! Off to be butchered!

69 pounds of chicken for the freezer!

remind me of this in case I'm ever tempted by those adorably fluffy chicks again!

giving the barn a much needed power wash on a productive Saturday!

I couldn't resit this shirt, it's SO fun to watch him in his element!

Riding bikes to their friends' house down the road!

Mother's day brunch with my mom at Anna's House

Mother's Day dinner with Robb's mom 

Poor love gets carted to and from all the various activities. She's a trooper though, overall!

Her last star helper day in 3-school 

it was an extra special day, her class walked to Captain Sundae to get ice cream,

...and then she had a class picnic at a friends house!

beach day at school

park party on the last day of 3-school 

Goodbye, 3-school! Jovie had such a great first year of school, she made great friends, learned so  many new things, and grew in her knowledge of God!

our first beach trip of the year!

We bought slushies to give to the boys at the bus stop to make up for going to the beach without them :)

I love having a kayak buddy 

School music performance!

Grayden played the drums. 

One of my favorite days!

feeling the need to win something after his baseball game was rained out!

We took a Saturday bike tour of Zeeland starting off at ZCS

First stop = the library 

Next up, lunch!

Then over to Lawrence Street Park to play

And back to ZCS where we began!

We were gone from 11-3:30 and had such a great day!

Grayden's class auction to cash in his 3rd grade dollars. 

He got some great stuff!

Surprising Grayden's teacher with cupcakes to celebrate her retirement!

Jovie so sweetly remarked on my gold (grey) hair! ha!

when your smoothie matched your shirt #winning 

Bonjour, Belle!

Checking out a new playground!

Ready to sweat!

So proud to be on the AR Hall of Fame!

"Donuts at Dawn"

Celebrating one last week of school with a Sunday night fire!

reading up on our next travel adventure!

first sleep in the camper (Sadler didn't last long out there, but the other 2 slept all night!)

A 7 year old's prayer "Dear Jesus, please help Jovie not to be rude to me, and please help the 4th graders beat the teachers at kick-ball. Amen"

I brought Sadler McDonald's lunch on his last day of cold lunch for 1st Grade!

And Subway for this guy!

This is what's keeping me going during long laundry folding sessions lately!

Grayden and the fabulous Mrs. B at her surprise retirement party!

Last time around the bases this season!

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