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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It's been 9 years since our sweet Brenham babe went to Heaven. As the years go by I find myself with less tears, but more questions. I wonder what his favorite food would be? How tall would he be? What theme birthday party would he want? 
I'll never know the answers to those questions, but there's one thing I don't have to question; death is not the end of his story! He's having the best birthday party in Heaven, and we await with eager anticipation for the day we'll meet him again at Jesus' feet.

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Friday Photo Dump

Friday, February 17, 2017

My friend Trisha and I have been doing a daily Bible study with SheReadsTruth each day, and checking in with each other over text for accountabilitly. We did a study on John, and one of Biblical hospitality, I've been loving it!

Last day of soccer camp 

Gamin' boys; we had the boys' friend, Weston, over to play one Saturday after basketball camp, and his whole family came later that night to join us for pizza. We love our time with the Meiste crew!

Jovie doing what Jovie does best...wathcing "babies" on the iPad!

Apparently, I went with a green theme at the grocery store one day! Ha!

I drug Jovie along for a family/business meeeting and she did SO well. What a trooper!

I had another great weekend at IF:Local; awesome speakers, powerful praise and worship, and sweet fellowship with some of my favorite ladies!

 Robb took the boys to bingo night at school while I was at IF. They had a great time!

I'm not sure my dad would appreciate this picture posted here, but I just love this selfie he took while he and Jovie were on a date at McDonalds so that Robb could take the boys to Bingo night! It takes a village some days :)

snowmobiling fun

we haven't had much snow so far this Winter, so we've enjoyed it while we can 

tiny dancer all ready for ballet class

I was supposed to have a check up at the nephrologist last week but they called at 9:00 at said they were already running late, and offered me the chance to reschedule. So I took them up on that, and instead I had a lunch date with my favorite man! 

I was feeling some major mom guilt about being gone (again!) last weekend. But, the adoption process doesn't end with some signatures on documents, or court dates; it's a lifelong journey, and that weekend I gained so much knowledge and encouragement from fellow adoptive moms at the Woven retreat. Such a valuable gift!

All dressed for Cadet Sunday! 

The 100th day of school! The boys dressed up 100 year old men, cutest old men I ever did see!

I caught this sweet kodak moment of Robb combing Jovie's hair after her shower. Precious!

We had the first sick day of the school year for Grayden on Monday. He caught up on a lot of sleep and was better the next day.

Sweet love on Valentines day

a yummy post workout smoothie.

She asked me to take a picture of her cake pop- she takes after her momma and already has an appreciation of pretty food :)

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