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Sadler Graham, you are 7 years old!

Friday, April 27, 2018

 Sadler, I can't believe it! 

You are a lover of back rubs, Netflix, action figures, hot dogs and KETCHUP!

You've lost 4 teeth, you're 48 pounds and 48 inches tall 

You're always on the move! So active and athletic!

If there's a ball in sight it's being kicked, thrown or tossed in a jiffy!

 Even though you have a 50/50 shot, you put your shirt on backwards 80% of the time!

You have grown and matured so much, especially over the last couple of years!
You make me so proud! You a such a cool kid, I love being your mom!

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Sadler's 7th Birthday!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

On the morning of Sadler's birthday he woke up to freshly store-bought (ha!) cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

Look how thrilled he is!

 I took the boys to school instead of riding the bus, which is a fun treat for them.  

Once Robb got home from work we took the birthday boy out to a special dinner of his choice, Red Robin!

When we got home we had a gift for him to open to hold him over until his party in a couple weeks.
He was so thrilled with his Switch and Go Dinos!

We had a great day celebrating our special guy!!

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Happy 7th Birthday, Sadler!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

I wasn’t the first woman to love you, and I certainly won’t be the last, but I’m extremely grateful that I have the privilege of being your mom and loving you more than words can express for these last 7 years, and for every year to come! 
It’s an honor I don’t take lightly. As an adoptive mom I recognize that birthdays aren’t all about joy and celebration; there is loss and grief intertwined for birth families, and for the adoptee, as well. My prayer is that they feel comfort and peace today, especially, knowing they are treasured beyond measure.

I love you to pieces Sadler Graham! 
Happy 7th birthday! 

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Friday Favorites

Friday, April 13, 2018

"These are a few of my favorite things" (lately)

I know I've shared this before, so if you've been along time reader you've already heard me rave about Ebates. But, I was talking to some new friends recently who have never heard of it so I thought it was worth mentioning again! Ebates pays you to shop online! So whenever I'm going to order something online I first long on to my ebates account and then type in the store I'm shopping at (typically Target) when I order using that link Ebates sends me a check in the mail! 
If you sign up using this link and spend $25 you'll get $10 back from ebates!

Robb and I saw the "I Can Only Imagine" movie a few weekends ago and LOVED it! 
I can't recommend it enough! If you have an opportunity to see it you MUST!
It was so cool to know the back story behind such a popular song!

I'm loving the Hoopla app to listen to audiobooks! 
Hoopla is free with my library card. They have ebooks, movies, music and audiobooks. 

This book is a must own if you have children. I totally choked up while reading it because the message is just so important for our little ones, and us!
“It’s not what you can do that matters, it’s who you are inside. God didn’t need another anything else in the world. All He needed was a YOU!” 

The beautiful new Jetsetter bag from Noonday Collection came out just in time to take to Indianapolis. I just love it!  The cross body style is perfect to hold all the necessities while being hands free. It's made with ethically sourced leather in India and providing dignified jobs and income for the Artisans!

*this post contains affiliate links 

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

We left at 6:00am Friday morning to take a short and sweet trip to Indianapolis. 
We arrived at the Children's Museum just as they were opening at 10:00

We had a fabulous time

The outdoor sports area was such a blast, we mostly just took a ton of videos there, so not many pictures.

we could have spent LOTS more time there, but we were hungry for food other than the food court options, and we were cold, so we left around 5:00 to grab dinner and head to the hotel to SWIM. 

We ate at Big Woods Speedway.  The food was delicious, with a fun ambiance

After dinner we headed to the hotel only to find out their pool was closed! 
This was devastating to the kids and we ended up canceling our reservation and found another one.

Once we got to the second hotel we swam our little hearts out, and then grabbed custard at Culver's before heading to bed. It was a fun and tiring day!

Saturday morning we went for a quick swim after breakfast and then hit the road for home.

It was a great little trip! We made lots of fun memories!

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