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Insta Friday

Friday, August 29, 2014

you know the drill, another overload of phone pics from the past few weeks...

me and my date at our 'Supper for 6' night at the beach

I had a pre-cancerous spot zapped at the dermatologist a few weeks ago. Be sure to get your skin checks, friends!

so thankful for mom friends

playdate at the park!

Jovie's pants were a favorite of mine from the boys so why not let her rock them too!

where did Summer go?

family date night at Pizza Hut!

fro-yo goodness

 we participated in our church's Amazing Race competition! Such a great time!

Happy 2nd birthday Peyton!

Sadler learned to ride his bike without training wheels (3 weeks after Grayden learned!) so off to the bike shop to get him a kick-stand!

The back pack Sadler picked out didn't suit his style as well as I was hoping it would! With a hobby lobby iron on decal his back pack is now too cool for school. 

I guess I bored her!

how about we make that 1 week, overdue fines are gonna break me :)

we ran into the CRAZIEST rain storm one morning getting groceries, we sat in the van for 20 minutes waiting for a break to run inside!

this girl is into everything.  

fun at the fair

He's become such an animal lover!

Sadler fake smiling with the goats!

Jovie couldn't take her eyes off the horses!

Grandpa and Jovive

Jovie playing with her friend Mia, only 4 days apart!

poor love is having teething troubles

shopping my nieces' hand me downs! Jovie is so spoiled with all their cute clothes!

false alarm post thinking Jovie was 37 weeks old, same amount of time she was in, but I miss counted :) 

silly mommy, I'm only 36 weeks!

hiding in Costco

My sister Lisa gave the boys and Makenna a back to school party! They had so much fuN!

Happy mail day! I was so excited to receive this dress in the mail that I had seen on Pinterest long ago, so thankful to have a daughter for many reasons, the pretty dresses are a bonus!

Saturday morning climb up Mt. Pisgah and hike through the trails.

at the top
the boys did so good climbing the 250 steps 

mt view at the beach

happy baby

company party at the whitecaps game!

my cutie boy

take me out the ball game!

photobombed by Robb while teaching makenna how to take selfies!

pretty baby

always on the go

silly sadler swimming in the lake

enjoying a snack in the shade

not exactly what I had planned on her doing with the banana!

Kindergarten open house

twas the night before kindergarten

day 2, his first full day! it was such a long day (for me!)

bagel date with my favorite middle and the little

sadler likes to play with my phone while we grocery shop! 

he had a great first (short) week of Kindergarten!

holding onto the last weeks of summer with smores in the backyard

the boys camping out in the backyard, once they fell asleep Robb brought them back to their beds!

litte boy messes :)

I told Jovie "no" one day and both boys did not approve of that. Gray said 'how do you say that to a nice sweetheart?" 

vision and hearing test for my kindergartener

Sadler is obsessed with Paw Patrol so I was pretty excited to see that they FINALLY came out with some Paw Patrol toys are Target! I very very rarely buy the kids toys for no reason but this was one of those days!
our first visit to the splash park

back yard bonfire 

For real this time, 37 weeks in and 37 weeks out!

beauty girl getting so big!

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