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Friday Photo Dump

Friday, March 22, 2019

oh man, I haven't done one of these since November. I thought about bagging it, but I'm not a quitter, so her we go, grab a snack and get comfy, seriously! 

"magna man" by Jovie and Sadler!

this boy and his egg salad sandwiches! 

Sadler had a blast with Ella's new diner play set she got for her birthday! He loved taking everyones orders!

first snow day means you bust out the snowmobile !

I repeatedly warned them how much less fun Disney would be with a broken bone or injury of any kind! :)

Maybe I should take my own advice and give the head stand practice a rest! 

squeezing in a date night before being surrounded by thousands of children for a week at Disney ;) 

decorating Grandma and Grandpa's tree!

Field trip with Sadler!

the group of kiddos at the Brink Christmas party

decorating cookies with daddy!

and mommy!

All dressed up for Robb's work Christmas party at the Fredrick Meyer Gardens 

craft time at the extended Rietman Christmas party 

Jovie's last star helper day, and my last time as the parent helper, so bittersweet!

Grayden doing flag duty at the end of the school day!

basketball camp for Grayden!

Sadler loving life while out for Grandma's birthday!

birds eye view of the new Kalamazoo WMI location

wild Saturday night!

a good book and another cup of coffee, not a bad monday!

Escape Room with friends! 
We made it out!

I was certain this was a part to a major clue, but alas, it had nothing to do with it! 

opening an early Christmas gift...

so they could be prepared for their pajama activities at school and church that upcoming week!

Sadler and his class at the all school caroling event!

Grayden singing with some friends 

cutie caroling spectators

movie day at the library!

Christmas light show!

Mindy and I shopping for new thrifted outfits for our hubbies 

while they did the same for us for a fun and unique date night!

Each couple had $30 to shop for a new outfit for their spouse and then we had to change into them for dinner. 
Mindy and Kyle in their new outfits! 

our outfits :)

out for dinner in our new clothes!

hot tub fun with friends!

Peyton over for a sleep over

our little sous chef!

a weeks worth of meals prepped and ready to go! Thanks PrepDish!

fun at the ODC

beef stew was a hit!

Oh Jovie, her room is a total disaster, always! I took advantage of some alone time to tackle this mess!

my kind of frozen dinner!

she's looking so old!

can't get enough of this!

french press coffee, what a find!

make your own pizza night!

yay buddy! First one in his class to master subtraction facts! 

celebrating with fro-yo!

I'm not good at letting the kids help me in the kitchen, a little controlling maybe?! 
But they love to help!

manicures with Peyton!

volcano experiments with dad 

celebrating grandpa's birthday with dinner 

and improv!

the kids loved it!

such a great boy dad!

celebrating Robb's 35th birthday at Brann's

like finding a needle in a haystack, or in this case finding the missing snowmobile key in 3 feet of snow! (It finally uncovered itself 7 weeks later!)

finding creative places to read on a snow day!

Another GREAT weekend at the Woven retreat!

Sara Haggerty was amazing! 

so much snow!

Dino nuggets for breakfast! Things were getting dire on our 4th day snowed in!

I was only a couple chapters in to this book and I already was hooked!

kids club craft!

Secret donut stop after dropping Jovie off at preschool on the boys' two hour delay day!

pretending it's warm outside with a tropical smoothie!

After watching Dax and Kristin play "taste buds" on Ellen, we had to give it a try too! The kids LOVED it!

wall sits with my man!

I had so much fun doing my nieces hair for the daddy/daughter dance!

Jovie's turn!

belle of the ball!

and her handsome date!


look at her face!

so the boys and I had a date to Panera Bread 

and then watched the movie Wonder (complete with movie theater popcorn and candy!)

celebrating great reports at their conferences on a day off from school!

she LOVES baking, which has been fun for everyone because I very rarely do!

my favorite way to warm up in the Winter!

delivering special treasures to a special big brother

Taco Bell dinner for Brenham's birthday.

and then bowling!

Pinewood derby time!
Grayden got 1st place!

Fun Saturday playing on the icy lake at the cottage:

fruit loops crafts before we eat them all :)

exploring the trails at Cottonwood park. We also had fun 'hillbilly snowboarding" :)

We've been loving the Play Nine game lately!

Between snow days, cold days, early release, conferences and no electricity days they hadn't had a full week of school for 8 weeks! 

making pie for the 4th graders on  Pi Day

Bouncing away at their school fun night at Rebounderz!

I needed to soak up the warm(ish) weather, and she had a baby that needed to nap :)

We saw the movie "Wonder Park" with the Roelofs on another day off of school!

Another fun day at the cottage:

this time with a chili cook off! So good!

Robb stayed home from church with Jovie when she was complaining of a tummy ache, so Grayden wanted to sit in "big Church" with me! Awe!

When we came home Robb had Nutella and Strawberry Crepes made for us! They were amazing!

field trip to the Saugatuck dunes with my favorite 4th Grader!

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