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Hello, 2nd Grade! Hello, Kindergarten!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Grayden and Sadler started school on September 6!
We had a full and amazing summer, and we were very much ready to get back into a school routine, but boy, was it hard to say goodbye to them!

Grayden on his first day of 2nd Grade

Sadler's first day of Kindergarten 

Off they go!

 And if you're thinking how easy I had it with only one kiddo home all day, you'd be mistaken! 
This little squirt more made up for the brothers being gone by getting into quite the mischief!
Within 10 minutes of being gone she destroyed Grayden's Lego masterpiece!

And while I was doing my friend Val's hair during her "nap" she tore a library book cover to shreds! Oye!

Finally at 4:00 they were home! They had great days!

We welcomed the boys home with a fun after school snack!

Grayden and Sadler, 
I am SO proud of you! You were both so brave starting your first day of school, despite the nerves. 
I pray you have great years at school, that you'll develop and deepen friendships, that your love for Jesus will shine in every inch of that school, and that Jesus will guide and protect you every single minute of the day. 
I love you so much!

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Labor Day 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

We started off our Labor Day by going to the annual truck parade!

the boys were big fans

 ....and Jovie...not so much !

After the parade we went the boys' school playground with Grandpa and Grandma Lubbers for their annual 'back to school' scavenger hunt!

they had so much fun hunting for their treasures...little "study buddies" for the boys and a "cuddle buddy" for Jovie!

They had these cute little tags on them, such a cute and creative idea, and the kids love them!
After the scavenger hunt we headed to their pool to cool off.  

At night we had soccer practice for Grayden, and then it was early to bed for the first day of school the next day!

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Back To School Date With Sadler!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sadler and I had such a great time on our back to school date!

He chose McDonald's and go-carts, I can't think of a better night with my almost kindergartener!

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Back To School Date With Grayden!

Grayden and I had our second annual back to school date, just me and him, last week! I loved our special time together!

After enjoying him all to myself that night, while we dined on soup (with baguette of course) and held hands during a movie, I'm officially ready to send him off to 2nd grade! Thanks for a great date, Gray!

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Friday Photo Dump

Friday, September 2, 2016

Uhh, it's been awhile since I've done one of these, again! Grab a snack if you're gonna attempt to make it thru :)

Fun at G & G L's pool

it must be a tradition, we went to their pool on that same day last year, and the year before, as well!


 It was the worse possible timing, but Jovie decided it was time to potty train! She had some major regression while we were camping, but otherwise has been doing good. We're gonna hit it full force again next week when the boys are in school and we stay put a little more!

Sunday naps

Grandpa and Grandma Lubbers took the boys to see the "Go, Dog, Go" play. They LOVED it!


Fun at the Critter Barn

 Jovie wasn't a fan of the aroma :)

July date was some "firsts" for us: dinner at Itty Bitty Bar and the rodeo 

I'm not sure what it is about Vaseline, but all three kids have now gotten into it, and made a mess. You'd think I'd learn to put it out of their reach by now :)

Sadler gave us some excitement when he flew head first into a flag pole at a church event, he was shook up quite a bit, as was I, so we took him to the ER to get checked out, but thankfully he was fine!

love a good closet purge!

Robb and I took apart the oven doors to deep clean them. I wish I took a before picture, but lets just say it was bad.

Farmers market fun!

I'm so excited about this new game we recently bought!
 A few weeks ago I listened to this pod cast (episode 27) and learned about EQ (emotional intelligence) for the the first time. 
I was so intrigued I bought the game the guest created, "Q's Race to the Top" as a fun way to boost EQ by discussing manners, social skills, and even physical coordination for the active little ones. 
We've already had awesome discussions and learning opportunities. I'm highly recommending it. It's so SO good, and my boys just love it too!

He hurt his toe and wanted to sleep like this :)

little helper making protein bites

Our 3rd annual Amazing Race with ORC

We got 2nd place, for the third year in a row! I said before the race that I would rather get 3rd than 2nd (again!), but we had a great time anyways :)

Sadler loves to snuggle in a warm load of laundry, fresh out of the dryer!

My little boy had two afternoons of KinderCamp to get him all ready for Kindergarten next week!

there's nothing like a good post -camping sweat fest with Kelli and Daniel 

Our Monday entertainment, watching the concrete get poured for the new building 

Sadler wanted to help! Love him!

All ready for the park! Multi tasking momma!

So fuzzy, but that's Sadler in the orange on TV! A show called "Michigan Out of Doors" filmed at the ODC while the boys had nature camp earlier this Summer. 

Her baby doll wearing one of her newborn outfits!

working on a project with my hubs!

family date night at "The Old Goat", we couldn't pass up free kids meals.

Fun at the Hudsonville Fair

The boys watched the tractor pulls with daddy and grandpa R

while us girls walked around the animals barns, where it's a little less noisy!

Our very own front yard tractor pulls :)

We checked out Rosewood park for the first time last week, they all had a blast!

We had a great day at Millennium Park, it was our first visit there and we were very impressed (once we figured out where to park!)

Cuties helpind daddy usher at church!

 they took their duties very seriously!

 We said our final Earthly goodbye's to Robb's Grandpa Lubbers last week. 
He was such a special man and will be greatly missed. 

Beautiful, relaxing night for a pontoon ride at the lake 

Robb and I had such a fun time on our August date.
He took the day off on a Friday, and we went on an all day date.
Starting with breakfast at DeBoer's (the first time we've been there in our 30+years of living here! We've been missing out, it was SO good!)

after breakfast we hiked Mt. Pisgah 

and then took the kayaks to Lake Mac

after all that work it was time to relax on the beach!
We didn't have the best beach weather, but we had fun walking the pier, throwing the frisbee, reading and relaxing.

Our time at the beach was cut a little short when it started to drizzle, so we headed to Goodwill and had some fun picking things out for each other. 

Robb found this shirt for me :) Ha!

And this shirt I picked out for Robb was a keeper!

We ended our date with a BBQ dinner at Hog Wild.

Sadler had such a great group of friends in preschool and they were able to keep in touch over the summer with various play dates!
So fun

We had a fun day this past Tuesday. Robb had the day off so we spent the morning biking the Upper Macatawa Trails.

I'm so impressed at how well they did!

trial bus run for our soon to be Kindergartener!

Grayden lost his very first tooth, just 2 weeks before starting 2nd grade!

I had such a great night out with these dear girls last night. We had dinner out at The Mermaid in Saugatuck, grabbed some ice cream/fudge at Kilwins (where I snapped this picture of them while they waited so patiently for me to get my ice cream!) and then headed to Lisa's house to discuss our latest book study "Breaking Busy". I always cherish our time together growing deeper in our faith, and friendships.

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