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Welcome Ella Jane

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My new niece couldn't be more precious! 

Ella Jane Roelofs 
8lbs 6oz 

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Jovie Breann, you are 11 months old!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ahh, Jovie girl, it literally pains me to write that..11 months old?!  What a priviledge it has been to be your mommy and watch you grow, and grow you have! Remember that little 6 pound peanut we took home from the hospital? Look at you now!

On that note, you love to eat! There's nothing you don't like!

You are a happy girl, you're perfectly content to sit on my lap, and love to be held and snuggled!
You are standing alone for a couple seconds, until you realize you are doing that and then you hit the ground fast! 

You aren't such of fan of going to sleep lately, you usually put up a fight but mommy wins and you take an hour morning nap and a 2 hour afternoon nap, normally. 

You love stuffed toys, a white fuzzy bear in particular. 

You have 2 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth. 

We love you sweet baby girl! 

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Punta Cana Trip {Nov 5-9}

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's the first snow day off school of the season today, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to blog about our recent tropical vacation :)

Robb won an all inclusive trip for two through his job for being one of the top 4 International truck salesmen in his region! I was a little apprehensive about leaving the kids behind and their hectic schedules, but we couldn't pass up an all expenses paid vacation that Robb worked so hard to win! 

We left early Wednesday morning out of GR at 6:00am.

After a long day of traveling we arrived in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic around 4pm. We stayed at the Iberostar Grand Bavaro. It was adults only and so beautiful! 
We were greeted with cocktails and a cool wash cloth upon arrival.

 We relaxed on a some lounge chairs and then got ready for a welcome reception with the other Navistar/International sales people.  

We weren't sure if there would be food served at the reception so we ordered some room service. We were so hungry, it was amazing!

we had to take lots of selfies because whenever I'd ask a stranger to take our picture they'd either chop someones head off, it would be out of focus, or they didn't speak English. It became pretty comical! Robb had much better luck than I did with selecting a stranger to take our picture!

We didn't stay long at the reception since we were so exhausted.

Thursday morning we hit the beach/pool. 

it started to rain in the afternoon so we took shelter in the game area, where Robb skunked me in ping pong!

It continued to rain all night, we barely made our walk to dinner without getting soaked. 

Our dinner was delicious. We went to the theater after dinner for a rock and roll show that was quite memorable!

Friday morning we hit the spa for some massages. 

And then we read under the cabana for the entire day. It was overcast with off and on rain that day. 

Heading to dinner was my favorite part! Each night we had reservation at a different restaurant with other people from International. Robb liked talking business with other sales people and I liked to eat :)

Saturday we spent by in the pool and relaxed on some rafts the resort provided. They also had sunscreen and books you could borrow. Loved that! 
 We ate breakfast and lunch at a buffet, this was our view from the restaurant. 

A little self timer and selfie action before our last dinner! I loved getting a little dressed up for a fancy dinner with my man.

Sunday was our last day there, we soaked up the last few hours of sun and sand and headed for the airport at 1:00. 

We got home around 12 midnight. 
We had an amazing time and are so grateful for such a wonderful trip, but it was great to be back home!
Thanks so much to our families who took such wonderful care of our kiddos while we were away, the didn't even miss us! 
And thanks to Navistar/International for an amazing trip! 

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