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First Day of School 2018

Thursday, August 23, 2018

These boys were off to 4th and 2nd grade August 22!

Lord, give them eyes to see the needs of others around them, hearts to know your deep love for them, courage to stand up for what’s right, minds to learn all that’s required of them, and the knowledge of Your presence always with them!

Grayden and Mrs. Glupker

I wasn't able to grab a picture of Sadler with Mrs. Schreur, unfortunately, but I'm sure Sadler's fine with that :)  

A special after school snack for the first day! 

They both had great days! We are anticipating wonderful years for them both!

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Back to School Date with Sadler

Monday, August 20, 2018

 Sadler and I had such a great time on our mommy/son “back to school date”! After much consideration, he chose dinner at McD’s where he ordered nuggets AND a cheeseburger and then bounced around at Rebounderz - we had a blast! 
My favorite time though was talking together on the ride there. He told me he “wants to have 10 kids; 5 boys and then 5 girls, and the first two will be named Chevy and Colt.” And that he “doesn’t want to live to be 100 because he can’t wait to find out if they’re will be baseball in Heaven”! 
I loved our time together!

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Back to School Date with Grayden

Gray’s chose Panera Bread and watching Hotel Transylvania for his back to school date! He was such a gentleman; he told me I looked beautiful, opened doors for me and held my hand (although the 9 year old boy in him still came out when it came to table manners, ha! #workingonthat!) 
He told me he wants to go on mission trips when he's older to build wells for people so they don't get dehydrated! 
He loved pointing out every cool car he saw!

You’re gonna rock 4th Grade next week bud! I loved spending time with on our dateE

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Friday Photo Dump!

Friday, August 17, 2018

My boys head back to school NEXT WEEK! So our summer is coming to a close, here's what we've been up to!

hitching a ride on daddy's shoulders during our trip to the mall

sharing a pretzel and lemonade to fuel us for some more shopping!

selfies by Sadler!

proving my point that sometimes I say "yes!"

a reminder that there's little eyes looking up to me

Every library trip ends up including playtime on the computers

5 rounds of tabata to set off 5 s'mores during cottage week, but who's counting ;)

couldn't think of a more fitting shirt to wear to watch Rachel Hollis' documentary "Made For More"

Thanks for the ice cream Grandma and Grandpa!

soccer camp!

rub a dub dub, 3 kids in a tub! This day's entertainment provided by Aldi's bath bomb!

We see deer so often, but I still always snap a pic, it just never gets old!

trampoline + sprinkler + pool = a pretty great day!

this had me yelling "PIVOT" in my head thanks to the infamous Friends episode!

never enough underdogs for this trio!

SHINE roomie reunion before FAB!

my berry cute blueberry pickers!

celebrating 17 years of dating with dinner in Saugatuck

food is the way to my heart!

my handsome date!

perfect day at the lake with the Meiste crew!

playing "chiropractor" 

Putting their math skills to work buying donuts and fresh produce at one of my favorite summer spots!

Haven't done this in YEARS! Definitely felt that the next day!

Daddy's still got it!

Sadler kneeboarding!

That's my girl!

First ice cream truck experience for these country kids!

celebrating Bennett's 1st birthday!

Scoring some goals during a family gathering on my grandparents’ old farm!

Days like these are good for the soul!

when you and your bestie show up at the pool with the exact same lunch container for our salads, a recycled deli meat container! ha!

one perk of needing lots of meds is not having to buy cotton balls, ever! They always stuff the bottles full when they're mailed!

SO good!

never a dull moment here on Nature View Lane!

dead hawk!

When you have a kiddo who needs to gain some weight you fill up on donuts BEFORE their checkups!

it was as big as his head!

Being their mom is my greatest privilege and also my biggest challenge! These brothers each require a completely unique parenting style for their unique sets of genes, and vastly different personalities. They bring my heart so much joy, and my head so much grey hair!
In addition to their obvious contrasts, those differences were confirmed yet again today at their check-ups when one son proceeds to epically armpit fart just as the doc walks in the room, while the other chews nervously on his fingernails while pacing the room!
Oddly enough, they BOTH grew 2.5" and gained 7 pounds in the last year! 

seeing a pic of you working out taken by your toddler is always a humbling experience! ha!

cousin sleepover!

Taking advantage of time alone with a hike thru the trails at Cottonwood Park, one of our favorite things to do lately!
walk on the pier!

date night wouldn't be complete without ice cream!

being home alone in the morning has officially made me ready for back to school!

giggly girls!

another great day on the lake with friends!

conquered that school supply list!

 I eat this salad pretty much on the daily this summer!

-spring mix greens
-diced pear
-unsweetened dried cranberries
-roasted almonds or pecans
dressing is evoo and balsamic and s&p 

Watching the ground breaking for the new WMI location in Kalamazoo

Annual back to school scavenger hunt with Grandpa and Grandma L!

Sadler and I were teammates 

Jovie was with Grandpa! 

And these 2 handsome dudes were partners!

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