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Possibly the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bedtime songs for sadler!

i used to sing this song to grayden when he was a baby (and still do) and now he sings is to his baby brother, how sweet is that!?

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{September photo challenge} Flowers

I'm going a little out of order today because I have something in mind for a couple of them but I'm not quite ready!
Flowers at the grocery store

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Sadler Graham, you are 6 months old!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Half a year old already? How can that be!?
6 months has been a huge turning point for you Sadler, you are becoming more and more content with each passing  month! Although you haven’t been the easiest baby we love you to pieces and never wish a day away, you are growing WAY too fast!
You started sitting up a few weeks ago, which happens to be my favorite baby stage; independent but not yet mobile! You however, Sadler, have only allowed us to enjoy that stage for a mere week or two as you’ve already begun to get on all fours and attempt to crawl! Let’s hope you’re a couple months away from actually moving though!
You eat 5-6 oz every 3-4 hours and have cereal twice a day, and just today you tried baby food for the first time! Mommy made you avocado and you weren’t such a fan!
You wear 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers
You have your pedi appointment in a couple weeks yet so we’ll see then how much you’ve grown!
You’re night time sleeping could seek improvement but you’re naps are pretty good :)
You love you’re ducky tub, you splash like crazy!

You are just precious Sadler! I think you get about 100 kisses a day, we couldn’t adore you more!
Love you Boo!

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{September photo challenge} something pink

We don't have much pink around here so I had to ask my niece Makenna for some help!

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{September photo challenge} An animal

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pacey doesn't get much blog attention anymore bit he's still loved (most days)!

Only 6 more of these to go! Think I can finish before November?

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{September photo challenge} sun flare

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The sun hasn't been out much these days so I snapped a pic of the candle I lit today on Pregnancy And Infant Loss Remembrance Day in memory of our precious Brenham and the many other babies lost.
Prayers to all you who have been affected by pregnancy and infant loss.

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Big Day

Yesterday was a big day in the Lubbers house!

Robb and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary and closed on the sale of our very first home!

It was a bittersweet moment to officially sell the house we’ve called home for the last 6 years…so many memories in that house. We spent a year renovating it, we got engaged in that house, we came home to that house from our honeymoon, we brought our babies home to that house, we had many laughs and many tears. If walls could talk, huh?

I love this house and I’m thankful for the memories we’ve made here but I’m ready to move to the new house and make new memories there! And I’m excited for the new owners to make their own memories here as well!

30 days until move out/move in day!

I can’t believe its been 6 years since we said ‘I do’, love you babe and I thank God for the blessing you are in my life, I couldn’t ask for a better husband! Love you!

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Weekend Florida Trip

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We made a quick trip to Orlando last weekend for a work convention, we left EARLY thursday morning for our flight along with my parents and mindy, kyle and makenna!
The boys did great, this was Sadler’s first flight and Grayden’s flown twice before that but this time he was SO excited to be on a (h)airplane at the (h)airport ;)
grayden was pretty geeked about his suitcase, he loved pulling it around and being pulled on it!
We spent the day at the pool, the weather was perfect!
They had a little mini pool that was just perfect for the kiddo’s!
this little boy LOVED the water!  photo credit, Mindy! :)
gray LOVES his cousin! they are adorable together!

The other few days were rainy so we did some shopping and spent lots of time in the hotel room

my little nose pickers! ha!

We headed back home Sunday, our flight was delayed twice, such a bummer, but again the kid’s did wonderful!
We had a nice time, it was good to get away for a bit!

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Sadler Swings!

Monday, October 10, 2011




love him!

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potty training 101

for those that asked about our potty training technique here’s what we did:

first of all, i feel highly incapable to write a post on potty training I had no idea what I was doing and wanted to give up after the first day but here it goes.


The first morning I put grayden on the big potty with a little potty seat on top and told him he needed to go potty in the big boy potty and he had big boy undies now and no more diapers. I also let him pick out a toy at Target that he could play with once he was potty trained for motivation!

I set the timer every 15 minutes and he willingly sat on the potty but didn’t go all morning on the potty, only accidents. When he’d have an accident I would run him to the potty and remind him to keep his undies dry and to only go on the potty.

After his first success I paraded around the bathroom like a crazy woman, high-fiving and clapping and giving LOTS of praise!! He was so proud of himself! I also rewarded with candy. (he’ll do anything for candy!)

The next day was about the same; some accidents but more successes too! And every day there was more and more improvement to the point where I don’t set a timer anymore I just make sure to remind him he has big boy undies on and to keep them dry and that he needs to tell mommy when he has to go potty.

He’s doing awesome! He even used a urinal a couple times this weekend! HA!!!

We still have to tackle pooping on the potty and staying dry in bed but we’ll get there!

Potty training is hard! I was so frustrated at first but kept going and he caught on. Hope that helps!

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potty training champ!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We set out to potty train Grayden last week Monday, we wanted to wait until after the wedding but I also wanted to do it before we move to the new house.

Monday started out pretty rocky, I almost gave up after 3 accidents in just an hours time! It was a rough day! But right when I was about to give up ( I never knew it would be so frustrating and hard on ME!) he went pee on the potty! I’ve never been so proud of him!


Right after Gray went potty on the big boy potty for the first time! I got a video too but its pretty cheesy ;)


Each day got continually better in fact Tuesday night while I was gone he went pee and poop on the potty for Robb! By Wednesday he was accident free during his time in undies which was only when we were home and not napping.

Now a week later I put him in undies no matter if we are home or away and he’s been using the public potties as well with only one or two accidents since last week Wednesday! He’s even telling me when he has to go potty instead of me having to ask him all the time.

We only have him in diapers during naps and nighttime!

SO SO proud of you Gray! You are a potty training champ!!

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Jeremy and Alyssa’s Wedding

Robb’s brother got married on the 24th, it was such a fun weekend!

We started with rehearsal on Thursday night. Robb was a groomsman, I was Alyssa’s personal attendant and Grayden was the ring bearer. He did great, he was flirting with the little flower girl, Sadie and trying to win her love with Kleenex ;)

how romantic! lol!


my big boy! so proud of you Gray!



Saturday was the BIG DAY!

Robb went golfing with the boys in the morning.

I made sure Grayden got a little nap in before he had to be at the church for pictures at 3pm. I dropped Sadler off by my sister and she brought him to the ceremony later on.




I went with shoes #1, it was a close race with #2 in the lead but I’m pleased with my choice to wear #1, they were comfy and a little dressier for the wedding! Thanks for your votes!


Grayden with the beautiful couple!


this picture says a lot!


me and my new sister-in-law!





Grayden walked down so good and when he got to the end he turned around and walked back up the aisle and down one more time!! SO funny!





my husband and I on the trolley to the reception!

The reception was a blast! Grayden danced and danced and danced some more! He has SO much energy!




Congrats again Jeremy and Alyssa! We had a great time celebrating your special day with you!

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