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{Family Photo Shoot 2017}

Monday, November 6, 2017

It's probably no surprise that I love family pictures, maybe not so much the process of getting them, but every time I see the end results I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to God for His love and faithfulness in giving me this family I prayed so hard for. 
"And I know, my words, will never be enough to thank you, Lord, for your extraordinary love. 
And yes, I know, my words will never be enough so let my life declare your extraordinary love" 
{Extraordinary- Laura Story}

PC: Callie Ann Photography

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Friday Photo Dump

Friday, November 3, 2017

Fall = Soccer Saturdays!

We love watching them play

Grayden lost tooth #4 at school! 

We had the longest Summer here! Beach days with friends while the boys are in school

This was so fitting for Sadler, the boy loves hot dogs!

Church bound

Yoga with mommy on the lawn!

Walking hand in hand with her is so precious 

Love my Tuesday mornings at Holy Yoga!

Sunday at the Beach while Robb was out of town 

Pool fun with my girl 

Field Trip with Sadler's class to the Outdoor Discovery Center

sleepy girl 

Lunch after school for her favorite meal, chicken breast with A1!

Fun morning at Post Family Farms!

At the dentist office before everything went downhill! Ahh!

Jovie's first haricut!

Field trip with Grayden's class to Art Prize

Jovie was star helper at school! She had so much fun with daddy!

I'll be the first to admit how discouraging it can be to plan and prepare healthy meals that half of my people complain about; but I was encouraged to keep at it after comparing my recent lab results from those from a couple years ago. If it's making a difference in my body, I can only imagine what it's doing for theirs! Sorry kids, but the fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats are here to stay, hopefully you'll thank me one day!

Jovie wasn't too thrilled about going to hher KLife class, so she joined mommy for a morning of Pilates!

Robb and I participated in the Amazing Race with our church! We got first place by the skin of our teeth!

Jovie's first dentist appointment! Thankfully, her's went better than the boys! 

Celebrating 9 years post-transplant

Following in momma's footsteps!

We had a rainy start to our Anniversary! Watching soccer in the rain!

12 years of marriage!

 Field trip with Jovie to Teusinks Farm!

Mommy's helper!

Treating them to lunch outside on a half day of school!

Color tour bike ride to school!

A warm hearty breakfast makes me so happy!

Baking muffins!

our 4th annual Lubbers Hungry Games! 
Robb took the trophy this year with his Zucchini, Black bean and Rice Skillet! 

Daddy/Daughter dancing in the kitchen! So sweet! 

Our little ninja warrior!

Scooping seeds!

Drawing her design 

Sadler isn't as annoyed as he looks, caught him mid-expression! ha!

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