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Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First off, I want to thank all the men and women who are currently serving our country, those who have served in the past, and especially those who lost their lives in service. Thank you will never be enough. 

Both boys participated in the Zeeland parade with their classes, the forecast looked like rain, but thankfully it held off for the parade!  
The boys looked so cute and had so much fun!

Jovie wasn't quite sure where her brothers were going! 

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{Insta Friday}

Friday, May 22, 2015

Blah! Again, it's been awhile since I uploaded my IG pictures, I don't blame you if you skip over them, but if you do read this, grab a snack first! :) I always put off writing these posts, but I really do enjoy having our day to day stuff documented.

back to reality 2 hours after getting home from Florida. 

special helper day with Sadler
busy Thursday morning included dropping Gray off at school, stopping at a few garage sales, bagels and smoothies at Panera, Home Goods and Aldi all before noon. 

Tickling the hot pink ivories Friday morning in our robes, with that little lego piece she likes to tote around!

stomping in the rain puddles!

Mom2Mom sale #2 under my belt. 

Saturday evening walk with the family

Add some feta crumbles and this has become a favorite breakfast of mine!

"excuse me, is anyone gonna feed me? It's been like 10 minutes since my last meal" 

sweet biggest bro just loves to make her giggle

He won't admit it, but it's pretty obvious he's miserable on that 77 degree day, but I'm just thankful he's finally dressing himself! Eventually he did take me up on my offer to pick out something cooler!

off to the playset on another nice day

I could tell she was getting sleepy but she didn't want to come out of her seat! Guess she thought it was cozy!

Gray pushing his friend from school on the swing at the park after school!

 the countdown to summer is officially on, I can't wait for the days when I can let the little love sleep as long as she wants and not have to wake her up to go bring/get Grayden to/from school. It pains me to wake her up.

You may be a worry wart if: you're tracking your hubby's whereabouts while he's in Key West on a moped, heading in the direction of the medical center and think surely he's in an ambulance seriously injured! (he wasn't!)

not a fun day :(

she got herself up there, but didn't dare get down! And yes, our missing sock pile is outta control!

Daddy's home!!

I cut up a whole pineapple *no, not with that knife, I have a pineapple cutter from Pampered Chef I use and then used that knife to cut it into smaller pieces* and it was demolished in 20 minutes. 

my super patient mother in law passing down her knowledge to another couple of generations!

providing free entertainment to our fellow aldi shoppers since 2009! The boys were labeling (loudly) each item as either "healthy" or "not healthy" and Jovie just wants to eat everything!

morning visitors

Sweet muffin

cherishing a little snuggle time

time to pick up Grayden!

"lion doesn't take a nap!" (sounds like something Sadler would say!)

I caught her hiding from me eating oreos at 9:30 and when I looked at her she burst into a fit! ha!

She LOVES being outside!

crafting in the driveway!

the finished product, thanks Grandma and Grandpa L for the teepee!

same dress, sweet as ever
Sept 2014/May 2015

sweet helper

jean shopping made extra pleasant by the cute one in the orange repeatedly yelling "you're naked!" nice!

WildTree sweet and spicy pumpkin chili and 100 days of Real Food goat cheese, pear and pecan salad are both new faves!

Bike parade at school, we had to put Sadler's training wheels back on so he could go slower without tipping over!

Finally the day came that they could play in the blow up pool I got last year on clearance, they've been waiting all winter! 

4:30 pm and sleepy sister just woke up, glad she didn't totally miss out the beautiful afternoon fun. 


Mr. Productive took a few days off work and he just never stops. Multi tasking at its finest. 

family lunch before the parade!

Fast asleep at 6:30 the parade wore him right out!

Gray's first Tball practice!

sweet little distraction waiting patiently at momma's kidney checkup. Praise God for a good report!

grabbing a smoothie at our first trip to the downtown marketplace. 

special treat after school

I guess she was ready for a nap! Scared me half to death when I found her laying there. 

sweet boy sleeeping soundly the eve before turning six. 

gaining courage to try out the slide with big brother there to cheer her on!

ready for action! 

I had a half hour to myself before I had to be back to Sadler's classroom to walk with them to the ice cream shop, it was bliss!

cutest 3schoolers!

hawaiian barbecue kebabs about to hit the grill. 

i love getting our carpets cleaned. 

our new cleaning lady doesn't seem thrilled about her new duties! :)

I needed some input on curtains for our dining room and my IG friends delivered, the consensus was no curtains! 

this is the way we garage sale with a single stroller, aka the hillbilly double stroller ;)

everyone wanted a stroller ride on our family walk!
after supper stroll before the rain came!

Last day of 3school!

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