3 Years!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today is our three year anniversary, and what a great three years that has been!!! I am so lucky to be married to such a great man! God has truly blessed our marriage and we look forward to many more blessing He has yet to bring!!
However, this is not the most romantic way to spend our anniversary but there is no where else i would rather be. I know for sure that if it wasnt for robb i would not be sitting here in this hospital bed with Paco right now. He has done so much to get this transplant for me and i would be nowhere in the process without him! Thanks love!

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17 Responses to “ 3 Years!! ”

Sheila said...

Have a great day!!
Katie- you look great

Schrotenboers said...

Happy Anniversary! May you be blessed with many more! We continue to pray for health and strength! God Bless!

Hannah said...

What a lovely looking couple! Happy anniversary! I hope you two have a wonderful day just being together :)

It's actually my husband's and my 3 year anniversary tomorrow as well! Oct. 14 and Oct. 15 are great days to get married, don't you think? :)

So glad Paco is settling into his new home so well!! :)

~Hannah in CA

Nicole said...

Happy anniversary! I'm glad things are finally looking good for you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your day! God bless!!


Lindsay said...


Courtney said...

Happy Anniversary!! Are you back in your hotel room?? You guys are so cute, congrats on the 3 years!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! You look great Katie! (you too Robb). Hope you have a great day, Congrats on 3 years. We keep praying for continued health and strength!
Love you guys!
Rob and Amanda

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
Katie, you look so good. We are so glad to read that things are going well for you now. Praying that your health keeps improving and you can come home sooner than later.
The Postmas from ORC

cara said...

Happy Anniversary Katie and Robb!!!! I hope you are having a great day.

May God bless you with many years to come in your marriage.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Nicole said...

Congrats you good lookin couple you! Wow, 3 yrs has flown by! Happy 3 year anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay,
It at least nice you can spend the day togather in the hotel rather than the hospital, May God continue to bless you both, My husband and I celebrated 28 years on October 10, God is so good!!
Blessing to you both


Laurie said...

Happy Anniversary you guys. May you have many many more healthy ones and someday you will have your 40th like we just had in August. It goes fast.
Praying for continued healing for you and your sister. I see in the next post you are outa there and at your hotel. This is great news. Rest and Heal and enjoy this new season of your lives together.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Katie you look great! Go Paco! :) Happy anniversary! Susan C

aLLieBooBeRZ said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

An anniversary at Mayo! That is sure to be one you never forget. Amy had her 16th birthday there last year. Our shuttle bus driver had the entire bus (and it was a full one then, sing Happy Birthday to her! It was so embarrassing, and I loved it! After all, that is a parents job-to embarras his children at every possible chance!

Well, when we returned in December, we found out that it was the shuttle drivers birthday, so we went in the noght before, and decorated his bus with signs, streamers, etc... He had a riot with that!

Anyways, glad all is going well, and you will be in our prayers of thanks!

The Vander Hulst Family