Good thing there are extras!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My doctor just left my room after telling me my hemoglobin dropped even more to a 6.7. So he is insisting that i get a blood transfusion, but he assured me that it will do no harm to me or the kidney. I just have it etched in my brain that blood transfusions equals antibodies, but it should be okay. I agreed that i should get one, my vision is getting blurry, i am a little shaky, and have a fast heartbeat that i can hear pounding during the night!
i now have 7 pints of other people's blood in me and someone elses kidney in me, weird, But thank the Lord people have extras to give to me!
Have a happy Sunday!

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8 Responses to “ Good thing there are extras!! ”

Jacki said...

I am glad that the doctors are on top of things! I hope the transfusion works well and you start feeling better!! Always thinking of you!
Jacki, Jason & Katelyn =)

The VanderZwaag's said...

Missed you at church and Sunday School today! Hope the transfusion works well and everything else continues to go well!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Robb & Katie
We sat next to Robb's Grandma B this morning and shared our joy over good news we have been hearing. We just copied the pictures of you from your blog to share with her. We will keep praying that the 7 pints purk you up and you will be good as new real soon! Hurry home "miracle girl" Praying in Hamilton JC

Anonymous said...

What extra part of me would you like? haha Lisa

Anonymous said...

I love your spirit! You can make me laugh and cry in the same sentence! :) I hope you have a good Sunday too! :) I pray Paco keeps doing his job...why a boy? Love you guys....thanks for all the updates, it helps to know what to pray for! Heidi Michalak :)

LJFredricks said...

Funny how those 7 pints and kidney were served thier purpose for others but were ultimatly made for you!

Lisa said...

Hate to have those extras go to waste, I'm sure you'll be putting them to good use! I hope you are feeling better with the extras. Looking forward to your next spirited post. :)
Lisa T.

Kristen and Nate Vande Guchte said...

Robb and Katie,

Man you guys continue to go through so much! It is such a good thing to still see a positive attitude from both of you. The two of you truly have been an inspiration to all of us this past year. We are continuing to pray that the blood transfusion goes well. Thanks for the updates!

Nate and Kristen