We made it!

Monday, October 6, 2008

We left around 7:00 and the flight went VERY well, it wasnt bad at all, once again i worried about nothing! Thank you for your prayers!! We arrived at 8:00 Minnesota time, took a cab to our hotel and then ate some dinner, and now i am doing my last PD exchange for the night and then we are off to bed, its been a long day!
Here are a few pictures of our flight!

Pacey wanted to come in my suitcase!

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8 Responses to “ We made it! ”

Schrotenboers said...

We have never met but I wanted you to know that We pray for you daily and will send up extra prayers for you in the next couple weeks! Hope all goes well!

In Christ,
The Schrotenboers

Tara said...

Praise God for your safe flight. Praying for calm nerves and extra trust in God over the coming days. I will not only pray at my normal times for you, but throughout the next days I will make sure to say extra prayers. My prayer for this evening is as follows:

Dear Lord, I thank you that this family had a safe flight and that You have given them strength thus far. May You show them that only You are God and that we are so blessed to be Christians. We have hope because of You. You gave Your only Son so that we could have hope. What would we do if we didn't have that? You are Almighty. You are our hope. Please Lord, give them continued strength and show them Your love during the next few days and weeks while the healing process occurs. Thank you for the doctors and staff and may they use the knowledge that only You have given them to help Katie and Mindy. May You show your healing mercies on them and when this is over, may they use it to glorify You. What a wonderful testimony this will be. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

the sayers said...

Prayers are with you!! As you continue to trust Him, may you experience the peace of God to new heights. You and your sister(along with husbands) keep remembering God's promises. He is always with you--and He provides all your needs. God will grant you the desires of your heart--He will direct your ways.
More prayers will be said, and may He receive the honor and glory. Praise to the Lord!!
K & J

The VanderZwaag's said...

So glad you guys all made it there safely. You all look pretty cool with your mic/head set thingy on. Continue to pray for all of you today and especially tomorrow. I also hope the time goes quickly!!

Anonymous said...

I showed Kayden the picture of the plane, and he was wondering if Robb flew the plane to Mindysotta :) Glad you made it there safely!


Rachel said...

God bless on your next days. My prayers are with you and your sister during your surgery. God is good!

In Him, Rachel Barendse

Anonymous said...

We are so happy that you made it there safely! We are praying hard for you and Mindy, Robb and Kyle, and for the rest of your family as they support and care for you guys. Let us know if we can do anything for you while you are gone!
-Lydia, Ryan, and Avery

Anonymous said...

My name is Jerica. I came across your blog last night on a blog from thebump.com. I don't believe it was by coincidence. I can not begin to tell you how your story has touched me. I think I cried through every post. You have an amazing God given strength. I will be keeping up with your blog from now on and praying for you. I wanted to post because there are a couple of songs I thought might help you in weak times. I'm on the praise team at my church so music is my avenue of emotion. Worship is a weapon that the devil hates. There are 2 songs that really stand out to me these days. They are both by Rita Springer. One is "Worth It All", this one is my anthem. The other is called "I Have To Believe". My pastors wife just ha her eye removed due to cancer and that one has really given her strength. Both songs are on my myspace page if you want to go listen. (myspace.com/pcrjmr) I'm am praying for you! Nothin is too big for our God!! Many Blessings! -Jerica