Day 22

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We are very anxious to get home, it seems like we have been here forever. Hopefully we will be leaving wednesday night. They want me to do a few more tests before I leave b/c my creatinine level has been kinda wacky again so if those turn out ok, we get dismissed. If not i will have to stay even longer for them to figure out what is wrong :( Please keep that in your prayers.
I cant wait to be back home, sleep in my own bed and see familiar faces again.

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7 Responses to “ Day 22 ”

A Truly Grand Haven said...

Katie, I pray that your creatinine level is with in the normal range so that you can come home very soon and sleep in your bed!
You are in my thoughts and prayers!
Are you going to be flying home?

heidi michalak said...

All over that prayer Katie! We can't wait to have you back either! What do you miss the most? :)

LJFredricks said...

I will be praying!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie-
Praying for your kidney function tests to be low enough for you to come home! It will be great to have you back!

Abbie said...

Praying for you!

Jacki said...

We can't wait to see you!!! We are praying for you and for a safe return home!! Love lots-
Jacki, Jason & Katelyn

boltefamily said...

I am praying!