Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're home!! Our house has never felt so big!! It feels so good.
I am exhausted, but just wanted to give an update!
Good night!

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12 Responses to “ Home Sweet Home ”

Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK TO OVERISEL!! We are so happy you are home!!

Anonymous said...

So happy you are home! Welcome back to Overisel! Can't wait to see you guys! We missed you so much!
Love ya!
Rob and Amanda

Laurie said...

What a great thing to know that you are back at home, in YOUR OWN home. I am so amazed at how things have turned out for you and give God the praise for all of it. Praying for your continued healing and waiting to see what other GREAT THINGS He has in store for you. Your story and faith are beautiful and refreshing.

Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME!! God is so good!! We are so happy for all of you and wish you continued healing and the happiness that you all are so deserving. Blessings...a friend from ORC

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie!!
We are so glad to hear you made it home safe. It has to feel so good to be back home. This is a blessing to you and Rob to getting back on track. Blessings to you!!
Your Cuz

Emily said...

Welcome home!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home - happy and thrilled to read you are back in Overisel - hope your own bed sleeps really good and you continue to gain strength and healing. Looking forward to seeing you guys again and thanks for continuing to share your amazing story with all those who care about you. Love, Friend from ORC

Courtney said...

Welcome home Katie, Robb and Paco!

Amy said...

Welcome home!! I am so glad that Paco and your creatine level checked out well. Rest up!!

Jacki said...

Welcome home!!!!

Cris said...

Welcome Home. Glad to have you both back in Overisel. Sleeping in your own bed is the best.

aLLieBooBeRZ said...

Congratulations on being home!!!! :)