Let's back up a little bit

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yesterdays testing included some blood work, a renal clearance test and an ultrasound. The blood work turned out pretty good other than my creatinine level has gone up to 1.5 hence the reasoning for the other two tests. The renal clearance test results come back with a score anywhere from 1-60+. Anything under 20 means you need dialysis(ugh i hate that word) 20-40 is ok. 40-60 is the range they want me in and 60+ is great. Mine came back at 55, no problem there. The last test was the ultrasound to look for lots of different things that could be contributing to my increased creatinine level, blood flow, blocked ureter, etc. That came back showing a small pocket of fluid right on top of Paco that is probably compressing the kidney and causing it to not filter as well as it did. They think it is a result from the surgeries and should clear up on its own. So I was given the go ahead to come home as long as i keep resting. I have blood work again tomorrow. We wont get the results back as quickly as we did at Mayo but i will be sure to keep you posted. Have I mentioned how good it is to be home?

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2 Responses to “ Let's back up a little bit ”

heidi michalak said...

welcome home sweet girl. How excited was your pup? :)

A Truly Grand Haven said...

YEAH! I am sure you slept well last night in your own bed.