Good day

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today was a good day, i got up for a walk and sat up in a chair for awhile.
Things are still looking good, made lots of urine today! Yeah for pee-pee!!
My hemoglobin is down to a seven and they would like it to be between a 12-15 so they mentioned a blood transfusion but i kinda said lets wait and see what happens since i have been all the way down to a five before.So please be praying for that. No side effects as of yet from all the new medications, that is a great blessing. I really appreciate all of your prayers for me, you all are so great, i feel so loved and cared about!

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7 Responses to “ Good day ”

Anonymous said...

Katie, Mindy and the whole gang over there - we are so happy that things are going well. We continually pray that both of you have a speedy recovery and that the pain subsides. Can't wait to see you back in Michigan.
-the vellengas

Jan said...

Nothing is too hard for God! We're praying for the hemoglobin to go up to where it belongs.
Love, Dad & Mom L

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you are having a good day! Can't wait for you to come home! Jill

Anonymous said...

Precious Katie...your strength amazes me and so many others! Hang in there and know that prayers are being poured out for you and Mindy! Keep are on the road to complete recovery...thank you, Jesus!!

the Klein's said...

you are a truly inspiring lady!
we are Praising God and doing our happy little dance with you!
will continue to pray for a speedy recovery for both of you.
Love and Hugs
the Klein's
Hamilton, MI

Julybride_07 said...

Katie I am so glad that you doing good today. Yay for pee! You are in my prayers always! God Bless!

Cris said...

Hi Katie and Robb,

Thinking a praying for you today and everyday infact but I have a question to ask when you are feeling better to answer is: What happen to your kidneys? are they still there or do they just take them out, the ladies at work were talking about that. I said that's a question for Katie. Like I said when you know, let us know.
Praying for the both of you.