The Kidney is out

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mindy's surgeon just came to see us and said that Mindy's surgery went very well. She will be in recovery for a few hours and then we will be able to see her. Praise God!!! Now the kidney will be prepped, and Katie's surgeon will begin to put it into Katie.

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5 Responses to “ The Kidney is out ”

Anonymous said...

Alli Ransom has kept our church, Oceanside, apprised of your progress. We are praying that God will do great things in you as you do great things for Him. All the best, Pastor Trey Rhodes, Oceanside Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC

bcyouloveit said...

That's awesome! Continued prayers...

cara said...

God is good!!!!!! Will continue to pray for Katie and her doctors as they finish with her surgery.

LJFredricks said...

We have been praying all day! Hang in there guys, you will be able to see your wives soon! I feel for you and will continue to check your progress.

Anonymous said...

God is good, Our prayers are for healing and success, you are in God's care.