Is this day over with yet??

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've been very tired and blah feeling most of the day today. I only ended up getting 1 unit of blood which did help my fatigue for awhile but then my pain pills make me groggy again.
I got to take a shower today, which took forever with all these tubes hooked up so i think i over exerted myself and got really dizzy and was so close to passing out the nurse had to practically slap me around to keep me awake. Then i got sick and have been sleeping ever since.
And i still have to get a little walk in today sometime. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

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14 Responses to “ Is this day over with yet?? ”

A Truly Grand Haven said...

Glad you are feeling a little better. Don't push your self to hard. Tomorrow is a new day!
We are praying hard! Go PACO GO!

Anonymous said...

You were prayed for in church in the morning, and also in our small group in Revolution tonight. We prayed for you and Mindy and for your recovery. You take care hun. Get well soon, and get the blood pumpin' in your legs, but don't overdo it either. Love and hugs,
Myrna and family

DebbaDoo said...

Sweet Katie,
Remember that your body has been through a lot lately...and it's OK to be "blah." I know that first shower must have felt great...but take it easy. Sleep as much as you can...Know that I continue to lift you up in prayer. You have inspired me so much with your continued faith and courage. Keep smiling :):):) I'm sure you have won the hearts of all the nurses at the hospital!!
Debbie from Texas

AHUMC said...

another Debbi from Texas???
Are yot cheating on me!!!??

Hang tough little one!!!
God is with you and so are we!


Patrice said...

Take a easy, girl....don't push too hard and rest! Your body needs all the rest that it can get, it's been through a lot this year!!

Still praying hard for you and you are on my mind off and on all day!!

judy said...

I'm so glad for every good thing that has happened in the past few days! I thank God that you are surrounded by smart and caring doctors, nurses, and family! I'll pray that each day gets better for you.

slotmanfarm said...

It's good to hear that your kidney is working and that you are doing fairly well. Don't be down on yourself too much for feeling blah. A very low hemoglobin alone will do that and so will all of that anesthetic you've had. We too prayed for you & Mendy in our Revolution small group (different one from Myrna). We are praying specifically that your hemoblobin comes up and that you have few or minimal side effects from the medications.
The Slotmans

Anonymous said...

Hi Robb and Katie - we too prayed for you guys in our Bible Study group from church tonite. I am amazed at your sense of humor - I always look forward to reading your updates. Please take good care of yourself - it's OK to have a blah day - especially after all your body has been through. Give greetings to your Mom and Dad and sister - and of course - Robb and Kyle. Praying for you - ORC friend

Anonymous said...

Praying that today is better for you!

cara said...

Sorry to hear about your downer day yesterday. I hope today it much better. Praying for patience and strength on your behalf as you continue through your recovery. Get Well Soon!!!!

Tami @ September's Bride said...


My Mom has chronic health problems, and when she is recovering from a bad time, I remind her that a really GOOD day usually follows a BAD day - keep that in mind!

Amy said...

Praying, amazed as you are about the extras God gives us. Praying for better days ahead. Praying for each moment of everyday God gives us. Praying for the blessing of hope that God helps us survive on as His children. How do people do anything difficult without God? Consider yourself hugged from Guatemala as our prayers reach across the miles. Hebrews 12:1-3

Hannah said...

Praying hard for you! I have been checking your blog a few times a day to see how you are doing, thanks for keeping us all updated! My 6 month old son had to get an MRI the day you had the transplant and I spent all of the time praying for him and you together! I am praying for energy and quick healing for you and am so glad you are doing well! Many prayers to you and your family!!

~Hannah in CA

Laurie said...

I am praying for you here out in California, asking God to heal you and get you home soon where life can start to feel more normal for you. You have been through a huge thing here, so I hope you take care of yourself and not push too hard.

Laurie in Ca.