I can feel the love!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank you all so much for the cards, flowers and gift packages. I dont think this hotel has ever seen so much mail for one girl!! One day i got 18 cards!! It is definitely helping with the homesickness to hear from friends and family.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness so much, you sure know how to make a girl feel loved!!

Miss you all!!

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10 Responses to “ I can feel the love! ”

Jacki said...

We do love you Katie!! We are sending (((((hugs)))) your way! Can't wait to give you hug in real life when you get back!!!

Anonymous said...

katie, how long do you and robb need to stay at mayo for?

Katie said...

we are hoping on meaving on the
29th, if all goes well. that will be 23 days here!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie and Robb,
Glad to hear that you are able to get out and do a few things at least. Even if you ride! Your wrapped in prayers from so many every day. Praying that you will heal quickly and that you will be able to keep on schedule to come home! Overisel is just not the same without your bright smile!
Love, the Folkerts

Julybride_07 said...

I'm glad you are still able to get cards at the hotel! You are loved!! = )

Little's said...

We don't know eachother but I just wanted to say I am so touched by you. I came across your blog a few weeks ago. I have been praying and thinking of you often. Glad to hear things are getting better!! God Bless:)

Anonymous said...

So happy for you that everything is going great.
Do you have to wear a mask and gloves when you go out?

Katie said...

well i will be wearing a mask around large groups of people especially during flu/cold season but realy havent yet, we have gone through a whole bottle of hand sanitizer in a week already!! gotta stay healthy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robb & Katie,

Glad to hear things are going well for you. Can't wait to see you at home. We are keeping you in our prayers. Say hi to Steve & Jan for us too.

Love you,
The Schras

Cris said...

Katie and Robb

Glad to hear that you are feeling better, and each new day is a day closer coming home to Overisel. Praying for the both of you.