Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today has been a very bittersweet day for us for obvious reasons. Despite the fact that i was in the hospital most of the day our hearts would have be heavy none the less. Last year on today's date was the first day little brenham came to be. What a miracle he is! We miss you baby love!

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5 Responses to “ Bittersweet ”

Tabatha said...

Hi! I'm a new lurker on your blog and have been trying to catch up on your story. 1st I am so sorry about your loss in Feb. of your sweet baby. I too lost a little boy at 21 weeks and it devastated me. I know nothing about kidney disease so I am trying to figure out your story on all that. Can you feel me in?

Nicole said...

I was gonna mention that in my last comment, but didn't know if I now I can...Happy 1 year of existance Baby Brenham!

Michelle said...

I just read your comment on and I wanted you to know that I have been praying for you for quite some time now.

God has such a special plan and purpose for you! God bless you, Katie!

Anonymous said...

Baby Brenham, Do you know how special your mommy is? You are a lucky boy to have such an amazing mommy and daddy. You are loved and missed so much. Heavenly Father, be with Katie and Robb during these times when all they want to do is hold and kiss Brenham.

Thinking about you all the time Katie,
Heidi Michalak

Designher Momma said...

peace be with you. a very special day indeed for a very special little boy.