Its a new day

Monday, October 13, 2008

yesterday is gone!

Feeling pretty good, i cut back on some pain pills that made me feel groggy so my pain level has been creeping up but its tolerable. i got up for another long walk with mindy (she is doing great!)

and even put a face on today that alone can make a girl feel better!

Please be praying for my blood pressure to be where it should be, its been going crazy lately.

(this is a pic from one of my appts on tues but i just wanted to add a "good" pic of me in here and it kinda relates so there!

Good news is... my creatnine level is all the way down to 1.4, Paco kicks butt!! and still a peeing machine!! BTW, for all of you non-facebookers, you are probably wondering who Paco is! Paco is what me and Mindy named my/her kidney while we were in the pre-op room , trying to pass the time before surgery started. Something written on the wall made me think of "Paco" and i just kinda liked it and it stuck. We wanted a boy name cuz kidneys aren't very cutsie like girls are!!!!

I'm ready to go "home" aka the hotel, hospitals are no fun. i am so bored!

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15 Responses to “ Its a new day ”

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you are starting to feel better!! Thanks for the explanation on Paco, I was begining to wonder what that was all about! Hope you have a good afternoon!

Amanda said...

So glad to hear you're doing well and Midy is recovering great. What an awesome gift from one sister to another. And what an awesome gift that God made you two a match.

Have a fantastic afternoon and God bless!

Anonymous said...

You gals look fantastic!! With and without adding the face, but I know that along is a great pick-me-up. If you are bored that means you "are" feeling a lot better. Considering all that has happen. So glad to hear the word "bored"!~
Well hang in there and take one day at a time. Don't wish life away too soon, as it really goes fast enough as you will find with age.

Take care....Love from Overisel

Designher Momma said...

looks like the new day has treated you well. Still praying that every day will be better than the last...

Patrice said...

Y'all look great! I am so glad to see you are feeling so good that you are putting your face on! That's a good sign of recovery!!

Still praying!

slotmanfarm said...

Way to go with that creatnine level. Paco must be working!! Now we'll pray that blood pressure to be stabilized and keep praying on that hemoglobin.
It's good to see your spirits are so good too. At least the high doses of prednisone (I presurme you're on) aren't getting you down.
The Slotmans

Anonymous said...

We're so glad to see that this was a better day for you. You look GREAT!! We'll keep praying for your blood pressure & hemoglobin to get back to normal soon, and that you can be released "home" soon too. Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY tomorrow! Not where you'd like to be spending it, but yet I'm sure a few months ago you didn't expect to have a new kidney on your anniversary either! Have a great day.
The Schras

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie-
So glad that you are feeling better today! Happy anniversary to you and Robb! I wish that you were close enough that we could come and visit!

Sheila said...

You and Mindy look great.
I pray that your BP will come down soon and that your creatine level will remain in the normal range.
i hope you and Robb have a great day tomorrow. It doesnt' matter where you are - you have each other and you are together.
have a great nite

Sarah said...

Hey Katie!
So good to see you walking! I've been praying for you daily. Everything you're going through in your recovery reminds me so much of my in-law's donor/transplant surgery and recovery, right down to the blood pressure going crazy. My father-in-law's leveled out after several days- it was due to the meds and getting those adjusted. I hope you feel better and better everyday. Know that people everywhere are praying for you- I've shared you're story with many. God is using you to inspire others and seek Him!
Take care-
Sarah from Iowa

Alli said...

You look fantastic Katie! You are a true inspiration to me and all your readers. You keep the greatest attitude in all that you do. You are such a great reminder for how I need to be on a daily basis...especially with all that you have been through. Much love to you and your family.
Prayers from Alli in SC

A Truly Grand Haven said...

Whoo Katie you and your sister both look great! I am so glad that you are both doing so well. Paco is doing such an awesome job! Get a good night sleep.

Anonymous said...

Hi to Katie & Robb

Happy Anniversary!! Katie, continue to get your strength back, and have those doctors get all "in sync". And, you will be able to go "home" soon. And, then you will get back to MI after that.
God bless you both!!

K & J

Anonymous said...



Eldon and Roxanne

Lindsay said...

You and Mindy both look fantastic. It is amazing the bond that the two of you share! How lucky you both are to have each other! I will pray that you continue to grow stronger every day and that Paco keeps up the good work!