More Trials

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Early Thursday morning robb and i went to Zeeland E.R. b/c i was having trouble breathing and also had very swollen legs, ankles and feet.

Isn't that pretty?!? Sausage toes!

I had very high blood pressure when i got there and also a very high creatnine (sp?) level, which measures how much toxins are in the blood. Normally it should be a 0 .8 - 1.2 level and mine was a 12. That means that my kidneys are not working well at all. So I was transferred by ambulance to Spectrum Health where i was admitted to the critical care unit.
Since then, i have had a kidney biopsy(which was a needle in my back that took a small piece of tissue from my kidney to examine) to determine the cause of the problem, those results were sent to Mayo Clinic and we are hoping that they will be back by the middle of this week. I also had a port the size of an ink pen inserted into the main artery in my neck. They use that for the kidney dialysis which is hooked up to that port and flushes out the toxins that my kidneys are not doing on its own. That is helping the creatnine level and my blood pressure go down. I will have dialysis every mon, wed, and fri, for 3 hours until that level is down to where it should be. Friday before the dialysis it was 13.6 and now today it is 7.8. Better but still way high. i also had another blood transfusion on Friday. What a day.
So now, I am just sitting here at the hospital waiting for results. Drs have 3 different ideas as to what it is: 1) acute kidney failure, very treatable and temporary, caused by stress, shock, loss of blood, and pregnancy all which i had. 2) A very bad flare up of a kidney problem i had in high school that we thought cleared up or 3) post pregnancy pre-eclampsia/toxemia. So I will keep everyone updated. In the meantime i would appreciate any prayers! Hopefully I can move out of the ICU and get away from all the 80 year olds soon!

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2 Responses to “ More Trials ”

Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers everyday Katie. We've been trying to get a hold of Robb since Saturday to see if you would be up for visitors, but I think he's had his phone off :) Please let us know if there's anything we can do- food, Pacy care, whatever you need. I'm sure the hospital food there can't be too wonderful!

The Housewife said...


I am not sure if you will receive this or not. I just wanted to tell you, we on the BOTB board are rooting for you to get better.

We want to send a care package over, but because we are all "online friends", we are not sure how you feel about giving out your personal information, no matter what, we totally understand.

If you want to reach me, of course you can pg me on the BOTB board as well as using my Blog.

Your family is in our thoughts and prayers, and we are wishing for a speedy and safe recovery!

All of your BOTB Nestie Friends c/o
Mrs.Lauren (nest username)