Saturday, February 29, 2020

Today marks 12 years since we said hello and goodbye to our little Brenham boy. 
It’s important to me that I share about his life in hopes of keeping his memory alive, and to validate the significant role he plays in our family’s lives. 
My wish is that even in death his life will impact others, and I carefully try to do that in a way that gives glory to his Maker, and brings hope and encouragement, not sadness, to those who may be facing loss or grief in some form. But the reality is that with such a devastating loss I sometimes, this year especially, find that difficult to do. 
Can I give God glory even when I’m mad, and disappointed in how He chose for this story to unfold?
Here’s what I know is true: God can handle my bitter disappointment. It’s human to struggle. It’s human to nurse a broken heart with Oreos. But the best, most redeeming, exciting thing I could ever imagine, from the smashed up, broken place that I’ve been, is for something beautiful to blossom out of that pain. 
And that beauty is Jesus! That hope is Jesus! He so graciously gives us the ultimate gift of Eternal Life and the promise of forever with Him in Heaven where we’ll be reunited again with our precious boy! 
Sorrow may last through the night but JOY comes in the morning!
To Him be all the glory!

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One Response to “ 12 ”

Sarah said...

Katie! I read your blog years and years ago (I think in 2011!) but lost track over the years. I followed you on Instagram and I guess since you didn't post there I assumed you didn't blog anymore. All that to say, I'm so glad I randomly found you again!